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My Sweet Baby Hulk, you’re seven now.  I can’t even believe that we’re here.  But we are, another year has come and gone.  And what a great year it was for you.


I start with a simple apology of never posting last year’s birthday letter.  It’s mostly done, except for the pictures,  yet never published.  Why?  I can answer easily.  Last September was just so hard with you away from home, not that it ever got easier with you being away, but September was the hardest.  I hated you being away at school, doing who knows what all day long.  Publishing your post just made me sad.  Lame excuse, I know.  And no, I am not any happier this year.  I miss you like crazy and when you ask to stay home, it kills me to tell you that you have to go to school.  Kills me.

When I look at who you are right this second, I can thankfully say you haven’t changed much since last year.  You’re still my nature boy, the boy who loves seasons and remembers your special books.  You are completely offended with the fact that Christmas decorations are already making an appearance.  You just don’t get it, and I am happy that you are content to take your time and let each season in life happen as they should.

Right now, you often tell me you want to be a priest.  My heart swells with pride that you actually consider this as your vocation.  Maybe you have that calling, it’s a bit too early to tell, but I’ve done something right if you are even considering it.  The only problem is you have a difficult time with prayer.  And I’m not talking about personal out loud prayers, I am talking about just praying out loud.  It kind of annoys you when we call you out on it, but come one, if you want to be a priest, you need to pray so people can hear you.


This should be an exciting year for you because you will be receiving your First Communion.  I’ve already ordered a new book to help us on this road.  And I’m already thinking of your party.

You excelled at school, and honestly, I really wish you had just skipped Kindergarten. I knew you wouldn’t learn anything, and well, you didn’t.  But at the same time, I am glad I don’t lose you a year earlier later on down the road.  Now you’re in first grade and three weeks in it’s a breeze.  Funniest thing~ earlier this week you came home wtih a 92 and I made a comment.  You just looked at me and said “calm down, it’s above a 90, mom.”  Well, okay, kid, you are right.  I won’t stress about 92’s.


You literally read all the time.  All. The. Time.  You get in the car with a book, you take one to the bathroom, you lay on the floor reading, in bed at night.  You never tire of it.  This past summer, you decided you wanted to read The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  You also read the Magician’s Nephew.  And you completely understood them without needing my help.  You read about bugs, Ramona and Henry Huggins and now you’re reading Goosebumps like your brother.  I want you to have lots of interests in life, but your love of reading is my favorite hobby you will ever have.

Last year you played basketball and baseball again.  You’re a pretty decent player.  You hit well, and I wish I could figure out what size of bat you really need because then you would be awesome.  I love the smile on your face when you are running to first base.  So happy and proud.  You’re such a great team player in basketball, something you don’t see often in kids your age.  You pass the ball and expect the same from your teammates.  Once you figured out they weren’t going to pass, you decided you didn’t need to pass quite so much and scored.  When you have success in sports it just makes my heart happy.  I could stare at the sweet look on your face for hours on end.


BH, you worry quite a bit about what is fair and what’s not.  And while I wish things in life were fair, I hate to break it to you, life isn’t fair.  Things aren’t always even steven not even when you are dealing with me and your dad.  What I want most is for you to worry about yourself and how you are treating others.  Don’t always worry if someone is getting more time to play or more things than you.  That said, don’t let anyone walk all over you.

You are such a good brother.  Most of the time, 🙂  You are overly generous when it comes to choosing things that they will enjoy also.  I hope they learn from your example.  You enjoy playing with Sunshine and reading to her.  And you hate when Goose won’t play with you.  I think it is so sweet that you always find him on the playground at school.  And as Snax has grown you like playing with him too.  Most afternoons find you three running around playing some made up game.  Or building legos.  Or playing beyblades.  Or outside playing football.  Or basketball.


My sweet boy, you are so sensitive and caring, it breaks my heart at times.  Your love of nature astounds me and it’s amazing how you are the one who always finds things like snail shells and bugs and feathers.  I guess when something is your passion, you notice it more than others.  I try to find ways to nurture this love of nature and hopefully your birthday gifts do just that.  You’ve brought me out of my shell with regard to being outside and I thank you for that.

Handsome, sweet, sensitive and smart, I just can’t get enough of your smiling face or generous hugs.  They are strong and let me know just how much you love.  I love that you wanted to sleep with me for your birthday.  It reminds me of holding you in my arms when you were in the NICU.  I sat with you all day long, just holding you and staring at your sweet face, praying desperately to take you home.  I look at you now and can’t believe you were a NICU baby.  Although even back then, you were such a strong baby.


I thank God every day for you.  I pray each day for patience and the right words when you get upset.  I’m learning, not fast enough, but I’m trying because you deserve the best.  I want you always to have that look of pride and happiness on your face.  I love you my sweet child.  I know seven is going to be a great year for you!

God, Jesus and Mary pray for my son.  St. Gerard, pray for my BH too!!  You are his namesake!

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  1. From Nikki:

    What a sweet post!

    Happy Birthday BH!!!

  2. From Grandpa:

    Happy Birthday to Mason!!!!

    It was too bad that I could not be with my grandson on his special day
    but I had to attend the service for the Evard’s son. Anyhow – I do have
    one additional “outside” gift that he and his brothers will enjoy. I will
    give it to him soon. grandpa

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