Day 2

By | Posted August 27, 2013

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Day 2 did not go well.

At all.

My plan was to drop off the children and hit mass, then core, then cardio and back to school for lunch.

What happened was I sent Goose and Baby Hulk to class and Snax held me hostage for an hour and a half.

Yes, an hour and a half.

He cried.  He wailed. He yelled.  He grabbed my legs.

He would not go to school.  Kept saying he didn’t want to go.  He refused no matter what anybody said to him.

The counselor and vice-principal wanted me to leave him screaming.  Sorry, I’m not that mom.  The VP was the most unhelpful person I have ever encountered and literally wanted me to leave him at his worst point.  Wasn’t happening.  I can pretty much say that all the online rumors about her are accurate.  Let’s just hope the stuff about schools declining under her guidance don’t follow.

Finally, Snax made the mistake of saying he didn’t want to do work.  That doesn’t fly with me.  I reminded him that while we have a lot of fun learning in our home, we still did a lot of work most days.  I explained that would continue but without juice boxes and other school treats.

After that he decided he could go to class.  When I returned for lunch, he told me school wasn’t too bad.  And he actually skipped when he went back to his classroom from lunch.

We talked about things this evening, and I think he’ll be okay.  He seems a bit confused about the morning routine at school.  The kids are supposed to wait in the cafeteria until the bell rings and then a monitor takes the K kids to class.  Snax also used to wait with me last year with BH in the mornings.  I think he assumed I would be waiting with him this year.  This year they won’t let us go into the school in the mornings.

Lots of people don’t have a problem just dropping their kids off for school.  I kind of like being with them in the mornings.  Not sure how this will play out.  There is a small group of moms who walk their kids inside in the mornings.  We’re all kind of upset.  Regardless, I’m hoping things are better tomorrow.  I can’t bear to see my little boy crying.

Comments on Day 2

  1. From Grandpa:

    Snax will be okay in a few days – he is a smart kid and will get with the
    program. Can Alec and Mason be of any assistance? Good luck– Grandpa

  2. From Denise:

    Oh Nicole I’m so sorry I’m praying day 3 was much better! Hang in there!

    • From Nicole:

      He is doing much better. He says the best part of his day is getting in the right line. Let’s have lunch!

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