What I Learned at 42

By | Posted July 23, 2013

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Just a few thoughts about what I learned over the past year.

  1. Never go a year without taking a trip with Lance.  Let’s be clear, this is all on me.  I HATE flying so much that it’s starting to affect how often I go places.  It’s come to that.  I hate to admit it, but it’s true.  Before this past year, Lance and I took long weekends twice a year, usually three if you count our anniversary.  It definitely affected us.  We’re a couple, and we have a small troupe that take a lot of time.  All couples need time, and we’re taking it.  
  2. Apple cider vinegar does not solve as many problems as everyone says it does.  I’ve tried it for bloating, canker sores, acid reflux, my mom is drinking it for arthritis….thus far, I have to say it’s not helping.  It’s disgusting without benefits so why bother?
  3.  I am still the best teacher for all my kids.  Didn’t think there was a chance that homeschooling wouldn’t come up…
  4. Yelling never helps any situation.  Not something new, but something I am really working on this year.  Some days are better than others.
  5. I was eating far too much food each day.  It showed and while I haven’t really lost more than 3 pounds, I have confidence I can take better care of myself by watching what  and how much I actually eat.  Most of the time.
  6. Sometimes there are no words, just love and tears to share.  And in that moment, it’s enough.
  7. Nothing is worse than having a stomach virus unless it’s six people having a stomach virus at the same time.
  8. Oh wait…lice is worse.  Lice will change your life.  More than anything else.  Trust me on this.  Trust me.
  9. There’s something about my name: I’ve two good friends one Nikki and another Nicole.  One is my twin in all but college allegiance,  and the other is like me in many ways most especially in that she has four littles and keeps her house pretty damn clean.
  10. Staying mad at someone never helps a situation.  Stepping back from the situation is fine, and often smart.  Sometimes even taking a few days is required, except with your spouse.  Stepping back in that situation is probably a bad thing, thankfully we don’t do that.
  11. Sometimes people do nice things just because, and you accept their generosity.
  12. I completely rely on spellcheck to find my spelling mistakes, which currently sucks because spellcheck on my blog isn’t working.
  13. I am consistent in my beliefs, I like hearing what other people think, but I’m not changing my mind anytime soon.
  14. I can’t stand mess.  And I really can’t stand the saying “pardon the mess, we live here.”  I want a magnet that says, “we live here and clean up after ourselves, all the time.”  It irritates me to no end.  I’m glad I have the gift of cleaning up after myself which sounds really dumb, I know.
  15. Simplicity living is where I want to be.  It’s a slow process considering I have an addiction to children’s picture books, but we’re on our way.
  16. I have a set schedule for most days and detracting from it makes me lose balance.  I am a firm believer in predictability for kids and adults.
  17. I don’t think I could live without my family.  Not even for a minute.
  18. When your child wants to snuggle with you or sleep with you, go for it.  Everyone knows they grow so fast, and thus far, few things are as wonderful as snuggling with your baby, big or small.  It doesn’t last forever.
  19. I’m not always as organized as my OCD mind would like.  I get tired and stash gifts, then forget about them until later, or I like to file articles, just found one on immigration from five years ago stuffed inside the desk.  Clearly, I never filed that one away.  (Great speech by Mattress Mac).  This goes to the clean out every closet idea I’ve been working on all year…
  20. Never, ever, ever get a facial again.  Had one from Urban Retreat, great place.  (Although my last two massages there have sucked, but I digress…)  Have had facials previously without any problem.  This time, red, dry, swollen face and overall bad experience.  Except the wonderful lady who worked with me.  She was sweet and helpful even bringing me product to try and help out.  But still, never again.
  21. Goose is my loudest child ever.  We used to say this house didn’t get loud until Snax was born and we already three boys before that, including one ADHD child.  Then Snax arrived and it was a madhouse, in a good way.  But when it comes down to it, it’s Goose who has no clue what an inside voice is.  This clearly explains all the notes we get about him.
  22. God’s timing is always best.  I rarely understand His timing or why things happen, but in my heart I know it’s best.  It’s called Faith.  It is not always easy, but it’s there.

Comments on What I Learned at 42

  1. From Shea:

    Love this. Number 14 is my favorite, and I totally agree. My house is never really messy. Except that we do have an entire Lego City in our dining room, but that’s intentional. I’m sure some people walk in the front door. see that, and assume I have toys strewn about all over the house.

    • From Nicole:

      We talked about the dining room, that’s not a mess, it’s making use of a good space instead of wasting it. 🙂

      I’m like this with unpacking too. I can’t handle things not being finished. And it’s not like I’m ignoring my kids while unpacking or cleaning or putting things away. I guess everyone is different…

  2. From Nikki:

    Twins…all the way down to our permanent retainer! I get pissed that it took so long to find my twin but now I just want to enjoy the time we have.

    • From Nicole:

      OMG….I forgot the retainer! Maybe I did drink too much!!! And same! Love you!

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