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By | Posted July 22, 2013

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It’s my birthday!  Yay me!  Even at the age of 43, I love my birthday.  No complaining from me about getting older, no “it’s not a big deal” coming out of my mouth.

It’s my day, ALL MINE.  And I want to be pampered and loved on and told just how special I am.

Everyone deserves one day all their own.  Clearly, I embrace mine.

As a lover of a good list, I thought I’d list things I want to complete this year.  Here goes:

  1. go to first Friday Mass the entire year
  2. go to confession monthly with the boys
  3. go on date night with Lance each month
  4. spend one on one time with each child
  5. walk Snax into his Kindergarten class on his first day of school
  6. don’t go into a deep depression once Snax leaves me
  7. take a girls weekend
  8. let it go about school expectations for BH and Snax, you know what it is, don’t be disappointed
  9. attend several Longhorn games this year
  10. send a card to each of my godchildren on their Baptism anniversary
  11. read three books a month
  12. complete a DIY spiritual retreat
  13. volunteer with the children
  14. take two long weekends with Lance, one to Chicago
  15. plan a big family vacation
  16. take the kids to the art museum and continue to teach them
  17. take a photography class or read a book on the subject, go manual
  18. take my kids to the dentist, yes, this has to be listed
  19. clean out every single drawer and closet in the house, pretend you are moving
  20. take my kids to the beach
  21. visit two more Civil War national parks
  22. teach my kids the faith
  23. Super Saints…I still have young kids, let’s get going again
  24. see friends more than once a year
  25. go out to new restaurants
  26. read an hour every night with the kids
  27. be room parent for one of the boys, maybe two
  28. clean out my email
  29. cook from my Pinterest boards three times a month
  30. watch every season of Breaking Bad
  31. give up Sweet n Low for good
  32. lose 5 pounds
  33. make it through spin for two hours, at least once this summer and next summer
  34. find a way to spend less money
  35. use ALL of my gift cards from Urban Retreat
  36. be more flexible
  37. take long walks with Sunshine daily
  38. teach my kids to love nature
  39. go to Adoration once a week
  40. start and finish Story of the World year 1 with the boys
  41. Smile more often
  42. Yell less often
  43. Love more, myself and everyone around me

Not bad, if I do say so myself.  I’m sure I’ll think of things I forgot especially considering I have lost this post more than once and couldn’t remember all the wonderful things I had planned for myself.

Happy Birthday to me.  Self, your life is good.  You have God, a husband who adores you and kids who love you and need you.  Your extended family is amazing, you have no drama in your life, you have friends new and old that are there no matter what.  Be grateful, self.  (Seriously, I don’t talk to myself like this!)

God, please bless me and continue to provide the grace I need to fulfill Your plan for me.  St. Mary Magdalene pray for me!

PS: facials…never, ever again.

Comments on 43 Things

  1. From Juan Davila:

    Happy Birthday Nicole, may you have a blessed day and many more. I will celebrate my 38th tomorrow the 23rd.

    • From Nicole:

      Happy Birthday to you! Many blessings to you.

      July is a great month, isn’t it?

      Thanks for the birthday wishes.

      • From Juan Davila:

        July is the best month….

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    Happy Birthday my friend. You share this day with a special person…Selena Gomez! HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks to you I am about to read Gone Girl (after I finish The Fault In Our Stars which is a quick read and I am enjoying it) and I will never ever get a facial. 🙂

    Per our conversation, may St. Mary Magdalene pray for us all!

    • From Nicole:

      I think she is up in heaven saying lots of prayers for us! 🙂

  3. From Denise:

    Happy Birthday Nicole! I hope you have a VERY SPECIAL DAY, you deserve one! Yes July is a great month for birthdays!

    • From Nicole:

      thank you!!! It is the best month ever!

  4. From Nikki Andrews:

    OH – How could I forget!!

    You share the same birthday as the royal baby!

  5. From Craig:

    Happy Birthday!! I know it is a day late but what can I say?

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