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I can’t believe you are NINE.  NINE!!!   Since the moment you were born I have wanted to stop time and just hold on.  Hold on to holding you for the very first time, hold on to those days when we took several naps together.  Hold on to each new phase~ because with every change that occurred, that new phase was my absolute favorite.  I couldn’t believe it got better than it already was.

I still feel that way.  I love who you are becoming.  And again, I want to stop time and just hold on to you.

Hold on to the sweet, smart, caring boy you are.  The boy who reads nonstop, who shoots hoops all afternoon and is super competitive.

The two things that best describe you are sports and books.  You stay up late watching games with dad.  You always have a team you are rooting for and dad always picks the other one.  It makes games fun for both of you, but boy do you get angry when “your” team loses.  You literally pout if you have to go to sleep before a game ends.  Last bowl season, you knew teams that were playing better than dad did.  And despite the Longhorns dismal year, I have no fear of you turning on them.  In fact, you know the players better than me.  You watch games with me and paced quite a bit with me last season.

I have to say that the best thing is catching you reading in bed.  And it’s almost a nightly thing.  You go through mini flashlights pretty fast because we can’t seem to figure out how to change the batteries and get them working again.  These flashlights have become my go to small gift for you.  Lately, you’re reading Harry Potter.  I didn’t let you read HP until now.  I was too worried that you weren’t ready for the books.  I stand by that decision.  It was hard waiting, but I so enjoy watching you read the books and then watch the movies…You’re on book 6, and I am dying for you to read and find out who dies!  What will you think?  Will you figure it out?

It’s not just Harry Potter, it’s Percy Jackson, it’s Goosebumps~ how you love Goosebumps.  Really, it’s all books that you love.  You still sit and listen when I read picture books, you still have your favorite seasonal books.  And your favorite saint books, and just plain old picture books.  You never tire of where a book takes you.

You are such a great brother.  I hate to say Sunshine has a favorite, but right now, these last couple of months, it’s you.  All you.  She dotes on you because you treat her so well.  She loves playing with you, she calls you by her special name for you, the only one in the family.  Sometimes you get a little frustrated, but it is clear to everyone just how much you love her.

Truly, you are a leader.  So at times, when I see someone take advantage, it bothers me.  I hope you always stay this way, I want leaders, not followers.  Someone who is smart and questions things.

You still love hearing about the church.  You have the new creed completely memorized.  You ask to go to confession.  And you pray.  We pray a healing prayer every single night, you are the one who recites this prayer.  And then you ask how the recipients of the prayer are doing.  You care, you really care and understand that we are a community that prays for other people.

Third grade was your hardest year at school and still, you excelled.  You are so good at math, it makes me so proud.  Your dad, the one who helps with math, is so amazed at all you can do.  And it’s cool, you can multiply double digits in your head.  No trouble at all.   Funny story about this year, you have to take some dumb standardized test.  The teachers at school totally stressed your class out, no clue since they constantly remind us you are doing 4th grade work.  So you took your math test and finished fast. Faster than anyone else, doing problems in less than a minute.  The teacher was a bit concerned, had a chat with me about asking you to slow down and so on.  You missed one problem.  One stinking problem, and she was so worried.  Okay, so was I.  Can you try a bit harder to take your time, even on something that might be easy?!

You love music and have a pretty good voice.  I’d like to say you have great taste in music, but sadly your taste has taken a downhill turn.  You tell me not to change the station most days as if you were in control of the radio.  You love chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and pumpkin bread.  You enjoy helping me make cookies and like cookie dough about as much as me.  Your cake for your birthday was pumpkin bread.  For your birthday, you had a very specific menu planned: eggs for breakfast, Double Dave’s for lunch, pizza rolls and cornbread pancakes for dinner.  It was quite the day for you.  You were spoiled, and we loved it.

Goose, I spent a lot of time looking at pictures of you recently.  You were the cutest boy, your face so innocent and full of wonder.  I love that little face of yours.  It does make me sad to think of how fast time flies.  I remember every single thing we’ve done, especially the reading.  Silly story to admit, now when I read to you, you pull my gray hairs.  I’ve enjoyed the field trips this year, the games, the books and the plays.  Enjoyed it all.  But mostly, I enjoy the time we spend together.  When I sent you to school, I knew what I would miss the most, and it’s our time.  I still miss that dearly because it can’t be made up.  Instead, I have to cherish the time we can spend together.  And I do.

Happy Birthday, my sweet and amazing boy.  The boy who still sleeps with Snoopy, the boy who can’t go to sleep without his trusted friend.  I love you so very much.  And while I want to stop time, I have to admit, I love watching you in each stage.  You are a wonderful boy.  May God continue to bless you.  Mary and all the Saints, pray for my boy.


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  1. From Grandpa:

    I am very proud of Alec for all he does – he knows so much about sports
    and is quite active in playing basketball and baseball. I hope he starts with
    tennis in the near future. May God Bless Him Always!!!


    • From Nicole:

      Thanks, dad! He is something else. Smart and loves his sports.

  2. From Jenn:

    Such a sweet and thoughtful post! He will love having these letters from mom as he grows. That’s a big brother setting such a great example for his littles!

    • From Nicole:

      Thank you! It’s really fun to think back on each stage and how much they’ve grown. I look at his little Goose pictures and he is so different today. Makes me sad for him to grow, but I do love watching who he is becoming too.

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