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By | Posted June 29, 2013

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It’s been 11 years since I walked down the aisle and married the man of my dreams.  As I walked outside today, I first wondered how I ever decided to get married in June.  I don’t remember it being miserably hot, not like it is today.  Maybe you only remember the good.  Honestly, I don’t think there was an off moment the day I got married.  I take it back…There were those few minutes when Squirt started crying while Lance was moving the last of his things from his apartment.  In the rain.  Two hours before pictures.  There might have been that freak out moment when my hairdresser did my hair wrong and my bridesmaids left the room in search of Paul in hopes he could calm me down.  But really, that’s nothing.

The day I got married was perfect for one reason: Lance~ the man God created just for me.  And I believe that with all my heart.  Lance was the answer that I meet my St. Joseph, the answer to my parent’s prayers that I meet someone not only worthy of their daughter, but who could handle (ahem) her strong personality.  God came through just when I had about given up.  I should have known He had someone perfect for me.

These past years have flown by and so much good has always been present in our life. I’m grateful I can see the good.  I’m grateful for the man I married:

  • The man who loves me and lets me know every. single. day.
  • The man who pouts when he doesn’t spend enough time with me.
  • The man who loves his children and helps with math homework because I am pouting that I’m not homeschooling.
  • The man who lights up every time Sunshine walks into the room.
  • The man who generally thinks the way I think, but isn’t afraid to disagree with me.  (EVER).
  • The man who wants to take me everywhere.
  • The man who compliments me on everything from how I look to how I read with the kids.
  • The man who is hilarious and smarter than me.
  • The man who goes to mass with me and prays with me.
  • The man who took the time to get spiritual direction when making a decision.
  • The man who puts me first, always.

Eleven years isn’t that long, but in these short years, we’ve built a life that I love more than anything.  I can’t imagine anything being different.  Or better.  Except I know that each year, it does get better.  Better because I am spending my life with the man I love.  With basketball games, parties and a visit to check on a family member, it’s not your typical wedding anniversary.  But it’s okay.  Today is the culmination of our life~ filled to the brim with love and children.

Happy Anniversary, Lance!  I love you!


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  1. From Denise:

    Love this blog! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Nicole & Lance!

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