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By | Posted June 4, 2013

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Tonight I was making lunches for two of the boys.  Baby Hulk has decided he is done with school.  Goose was done until he heard they were playing kickball against 4th grade.  Squirt has to finish Senior checkup and pick up his cap and gown.  So despite my desire to be done with making lunches for the year, I was packing lunches one more time.

I made lunches and got out a napkin to write notes for their lunches.

I started writing, but I had to pause.

It’s the last note I’ll put in Squirt’s lunch.

12 years of lunch notes.

That’s a lot of notes.

Sure, I haven’t written as many notes while he’s been in high school, but he loves when I do.  His friends read them.  And just like the younger boys, he brings them home for me to save.

It’s weird to think we’re literally there.

We’ve reached another milestone, ready or not.

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