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For Today:: May 29, 2013

Outside my window:: it’s dark.  And quiet.  Peaceful even.

I am wearing:: a longhorn t-shirt and Snoopy boxers.

I am thankful:: that school ends in a few days.  Well, technically, it doesn’t end until the 6th, but for my kids, it ends soon.  Just one small party on Friday for Baby Hulk, a research paper for Goose to present and his end of year party.  And a K graduation.  Then comes the real graduation.

Speaking of graduations:: why is my Senior graduating so late?  Kingwood already had their graduation and their classes don’t end until June 7th!  I’ve heard several other districts do this as well.  WHY is HISD waiting until the last possible minute on a Sunday evening, no less, for graduation?

Here is another little gem:: K graduation is next Tuesday, and a note came home letting parents know the deal.  Dress your child up, attend and OH…plan to spend the day with your kid.  The letter literally says: CHECK YOUR CHILD OUT OF SCHOOL.  I am not making this shit up.  I can prove it, as my kids would say.  So this week, they can bring bubbles, sidewalk chalk, games, stuffed animals and so on.  And well, next week, let’s just be clear in writing, WE ARE NOT TEACHING as if they were this week.  I almost want to leave Baby Hulk in school just to spite them.  Yes, I know that makes me a bad person, but seriously!  Don’t pretend that K graduation is a special day and that a child is so overwhelmed by it all so take him out and celebrate.  Admit to me, you aren’t doing a single thing at school.  I get it, it’s the end of the year, you’re tired and want as few children at school as possible.  I’m doing my part, taking my kids out of school.

Which leads to a funny, to me at least:: Tuesday the boys skipped class so we could go to Miller’s Outdoor for a play and then see the new Egyptian Hall.  Both were great, and I highly recommend seeing the new hall.  Without kids.  I tweeted my plans, using the words “skipping school” and Miller’s retweeted me.  Someone got all offended and couldn’t believe Miller’s condoned my actions.  They were so offended and ranted about “their tax dollars paying Miller’s employees’ salaries”.  Are you for real twitter person?  Get in line about how offended you are when your tax dollars aren’t spent the way you want.  And honestly, be more offended that last week alone, three weeks before school is out, my son watched two full length Disney movies.  And colored.  At a freaking Vanguard school.  Offended my ass.

Around the house:: We have two weeks and then every single closet in this house will be emptied.  Toys and clothes will be donated.  We have not kept up with being simplistic this year, and it shows.  Snax’s closet is full of clothes he wore two winters ago.   And he still tries to wear some of the church shirts.  Which is nice, they aren’t going to waste, but last week, he wore a Christmas vest.  Bright red.  It’s time to get rid of the clutter.  So tonight, I asked them to quickly find two toys to donate.  I wasn’t clear, I meant to toys that they weren’t playing with any longer.  Baby Hulk found his favorite matchbox cars and started bawling and threw them in the bag.  It took 30 minutes to calm him and explain things.

On the menu:: it is amazing how keeping a menu helps me.  I know this and am finally back on track.  Even if I’m not in the mood for the planned dinner, I can easily switch because I’ve already shopped for what we need.

From the kitchen:: Kale.  I can’t believe how much we love this vegetable.  It makes me feel so healthy as I’m eating homemade cookies.

Intentional learning:: A lot of people have the kids do workbooks all summer to get a head start on next year or to keep up with their skills.  Not me, I don’t want to burn out my kids.  I just want to read to them and with them.  So my main priority for the summer is an hour of read a loud time as well as an hour of quiet reading time.  Each day.  We’ve started with read a louds this week and it’s been heaven.  An hour each night.

I am listening to:: Mad Men.  I’m all about multi-tasking.

I am grateful for:: a little boy who wants me to have lunch with him at school.  I love my kids, but I really love that move.

I am praying for:: patience and grace and lessons to be learned.

To be fit and happy:: We’ve hooked another couple of Lose It!  Kind of lame, but I have to admit it’s a bit of a happy dance when you realize you have calories at the end of the day.  Generally, it means I can have a drink.  I’ve been spinning a lot, doing my pushup and stair thing and I need something a bit more.  I have less than two weeks before graduation and clearly it’s all about my tummy in my dress.

To do:: I have a list in my planner that keeps getting pushed to the next week.  Things include buy baby gifts for babies born months ago, write BH’s birthday blog from September.  For an organized person, sometimes, I get just a bit frazzled.

One of my favorite things:: Snax reading.  I’ve been through it before, but I don’t remember it quite like this.  I guess it’s a new surprise each time.  He just reads and reads.  All. The. Time.  And I love it.  He reads out loud, and he’s good.  Really good.  I look in my rear view mirror and see three boys reading.  Total geeks.  And it’s interesting how you think you know your kids.  This one, he’s a total surprise.  He has learned so much this year and really wants to know more.  Just on his terms.  So yea, school should work out really well, with all that sitting in a desk and all.

UGH:: I have been waiting and waiting for Before Midnight to come out.  And it didn’t open in Houston.  We’re the 4th largest city, why wasn’t it playing here last weekend?

A few plans for the week:: Field trip with Goose’s class, Jungle Book at Miller’s on Thursday and Baby Hulk’s class party on Friday.  It’s a busy week, but all fun.

A picture to share:: Yes, I like to take pictures with my little girl.  I just love her so damn much.  And clearly, I have no problem posing for pictures.



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  1. From Shea:

    We just got this email this week with the schedule for the end of the year:
    Tomorrow: Board Game Day
    Monday: Talent Show (after which kids SORT OF expect to be checked out, but K won’t be.)
    Tuesday: What? An actual day of school? NOOOOOO
    Wednesday: Awards at 8:30 after which kids even more expect to be checked out. It’s a half day anyway.
    Thursday: Class party and take your kid home. Also a half day.

    Right before I read your blog I said to Clint: “If W didn’t have finals next week this would have been a great two weeks for a vacation.”

    That seems to be the school’s position. Luckily K’s actual teacher, who is awesome, borrowed a lesson from me on order of operations to do with them this week. Love her.

    • From Nicole:

      I can’t take it anymore. My K teacher did ask that BH be at school Monday so she could give him a test in math. No clue what that’s about…EOY test, I guess. I am pulling them out at 2 tomorrow, so hopefully she is done by then.

      I did hear one parent tell her that her daughters would be staying after graduation. So now I don’t have to be the bad guy, somebody else already is.

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