Happy Birthday!

By | Posted April 29, 2013

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Happy Birthday, Chelsea!  What a year!  You graduated, moved home and got a job.  We’re so proud of all of you’ve accomplished this last year.  I know this next year will bring you lots of joy.  We’re so glad you’re back in Houston.  I love watching all the kids with you!  They really love having you around.  So do I!

Two things I will always remember about your birthday.  Well, one I hope to forget…Lola shares your birthday.  So today, Snax said if we couldn’t go to your party, we needed to have one for Lola.  Really?  Don’t even ask if I had a party, you know the answer.

The second thing: your birthday saint, Saint Catherine of Siena.  Clearly, you didn’t choose the date of your birth, but what a perfect day to have a birthday.  Saint Catherine of Siena is so full of wisdom, and really, she’s your saint.  As saints go, she’s kind of a biggie.  Don’t forget to call on her for help.

Love you sweet girl!  Happy Birthday!  Saint Catherine Siena, pray for Chelsea today and always!

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