Date Night

By | Posted April 21, 2013

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Since Lance and I had babysitter so we could take pictures for Squirt, we went out with our good friends, Nikki and TA to celebrate their anniversary.


We are such kindred spirits, Nikki and I.  We have a blast anytime we’re together.  And last night, we took our friendship to a new level…she let me borrow an outfit!  First, I was taking pictures at prom, then I’m borrowing clothes from a girlfriend!  I truly felt like I was back in high school.


Comments on Date Night

  1. From Nikki Andrews:

    It was our honor and pleasure to spend the evening with the two of you. We had so much fun. I finally have someone to discuss all the same things I talk about all the time.
    That dress looked great on you…ESP with the pashmina. I have some others that are a little tight on me that I have never worn that I might send your way. Tags and everything! This is why TA was kicked out of my closet. 🙂

    I forgot to tell you that the hotel blow dryer burnt off a chunk of my hair! I was so pissed.

    Anyway, as I’ve said before, since we are long lost sisters, we have lots to catch up on. I just want more time with my sister, the other Nikki!!!

    • From Nicole:

      Love you so much! I can’t believe I haven’t known you forever! We definitely need to make more time to hang out.

      What the hell happened with the blow dryer? I would have been livid.

      We both had a blast and were so happy to celebrate your anniversary! Thanks for letting me borrow the dress! Loved it!! You have the best taste!

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