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** Snax started swim lessons this week.  For two months he told me he wanted to take swim lessons at the YMCA, not Houston Swim Club where his brothers had taken lessons.  Then all of a sudden, he wanted to go to HSC.  This put us completely behind in lessons…had I known this I would have started the first week in March.  And why, you ask did I let him decide?  Because I didn’t want to do the damn two week, daily lessons that HSC requires. So here we are, and you know what?  It’s fine.  Sure, we missed a day due to the virus, but we went the rest of the week.  And it was great.

** On the way to lessons the first day, I asked Snax who has a tendency to scream what he would do if he felt uneasy during lessons.  His response: scream “HELP” really loudly.  How could I argue with that?  To be clear, he hasn’t screamed once.  I am so proud of him.  He is floating and not freaking out!!!  We saw our favorite instructor who did the thing to make me happy by asking about Goose and Baby Hulk.  Kind of sucks that Snax waited a month because he will only have 3-4 months of lessons before next fall.

** Why does that matter?????  Because next fall my next kid leaves me.  Not only did Snax qualify for the Vanguard program, (I will leave my dubious opinion of HISD’s standards out for now) but he got a spot, which means no swim lessons in the middle of the day.  I know, he really is the smartest of all my kids.  We all know this.

** Am I sad?  VERY.  Things that may have been said recently: I can’t believe you don’t support me homeschooling our children.  Who do you think taught your kids to read and write and learn numbers and about nature.  Exactly what is special about this school?  What do they do that is different?

** BUT….can we just say it’s time for payback????  Have fun with SNAX, teachers, have fun.  HE IS ALL YOURS!!!

** Am I giddy thinking about the amount of teacher conferences in my future?  Yes and no.  Since the teachers at this school aren’t required to give regular conferences on any of their students, not even once a year, it makes me happy to think that they will more than make up for it by having monthly conferences about Snax and his behavior.

** Like I said, payback.  FUCKING PAYBACK.  Yes, I think like this.  I hope this doesn’t disappoint anyone.

** Him leaving me puts a major cramp in my plans for the rest of our learning year though.  I had planned on a relatively easy end of year and fun summer.  Mostly working on phonics and reading.  And handwriting.  Units with the older boys over the summer but nothing big.

** But now, I have to make sure he can write smaller than three inches.  Because that’s how big he writes his name the majority of the time.

** Handwriting…I always assumed he would be here next year, the year we would do great unit studies and learn to write proportionally and complete Horizons Math.  Now I don’t have next year.

** Do you realize how much they write in K?  And how they don’t teach handwriting in K????  AT ALL?????  Ridiculous, I know.

** They also cut a lot of things out.  Not clue why.

** So my plan for the next four months is to write and cut as much as possible.  Finish Explode the Code to assist in our reading, which is really pretty good for his age and demeanor.

**  But mostly, my plan is to enjoy this child.  Enjoy the heck out of him, this sweet child who refuses to tell anyone other than me “I love you”.  Because the reality is that while I am his parent, his teachers will have him most of the time.  For the life of me, I will never understand how anyone can think can think this is normal.  But most people do.

** Time goes by way too quickly.  Plans change.  They don’t work out the way you saw them working out.  I will adapt.  I don’t really have a choice, do I?

** And I have Sunshine.  For three years.  ALL. TO. MYSELF.  She is already showing signs of being a mini-me and her fine motor skills are to die for.  We will have fun.  The wheels are turning.

** Until then, Congratulations, Snax, on getting the chance to join your brothers at Rogers!  Give them hell!  Let’s make the most of these final months.

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  1. From Cory:

    If you need some company and extra money we are looking for a school for Cash next year. He’s got one more year before K.

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