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By | Posted April 9, 2013

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Who likes them?  Whose child actually does the entire project on their own?

School projects literally bring out the worst in every person in this family

First, there’s the child who always waits until the last second to even start the project.  That woudln’t be so bad if said child were ready to work and actually knew more than just basic information.  But my child doesn’t work that way.  And when you start questioning him, he immediately shuts down.  And when he shuts down, I lose my patience.  We’re both working on those areas of our personalities.

Then I also go on and on about how we’ve had three weeks to get this project started and how disappointed I am.   Then there is Lance who goes on and on about how his parents never helped with his projects.  (I am almost certain his mom did type his papers which I am sure were done at the last second.  As did my mom.)

So there we were at 10:35 last night: one big happy family.  The only happy person awake at that time was probably Squirt.  He was helping Goose edit his project with me harping about how Squirt can’t do the work, Goose must help, Lance telling everyone how this is the last time he is ever helping with a project again.  And Goose trying to stay awake.

All I can say is he better make an A on this project.

I spoke with another parent this morning who asked if they thought the kids actually got anything out of these projects.  In theory, they should gain more knowledge, but I just don’t think so.  Although I’m not a fan of textbooks and tests, Charlotte Mason fan here, I just don’t see projects as the way to go.


Because of the parents.  I remember when Goose was in first grade.  He had to complete a diorama of a landform.  Following our rules of very minimal involvement, his diorama had him collecting sticks in the yard for trees and cutting out green triangles for the leaves.  His painting was simple, he glued rocks and grass from the yard and put some stickers on it.  It looked like a first grader did the work.  We got to school to find huge dioramas that clearly were completed by someone other than his classmates.  I refuse to compete with that.

I just had the worst thought ever: Baby Hulk having to complete a project.  Seriously, I should be homeschooling.  No way, I can handle that stress.

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