Holy Week

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 ~ This post is really picture heavy, like really heavy~

Have I mentioned that I love being Catholic?  Yes, I guess I have.  For me the best part is the Easter Triduum.  The mass that never ends.  Three days of really long masses.  Really long, like two hours.  With littles long.

Holy Thursday is such a beautiful mass: the washing of the feet, the Eucharist and the gift of the priesthood.  Father Troy asked us to pray for all priests, including himself.  While Baby Hulk was pretty nervous about someone washing his feet, he loved the mass.  My kids know what happens during this time.  And they were good.  Really good during this really long mass which coincides with their bedtime.

The best part, Squirt serves during this mass, (which means we were at church 30 minutes early sitting in the pews).  It was so awesome watching my son serve during this mass.  He has served at this mass every year since he was 10.  And the past two years he has had the privelege of walking next to the Blessed Sacrement during the procession.

Good Friday had us praying the Stations of the Cross at our favorite location: the grotto at Our Lady of Lourdes.  We’ve been there so many times and never seen anyone.  Friday was different, there were so many families praying together.  Squirt has never been there before so that was a nice treat for him.  We stayed so long, I guess prayed so long, that we barely made it to 3 pm mass.


First Station~ Jesus is condemmed to death


Second Station~ Jesus Carries His Cross


Third Station~ Jesus falls for the first time


Fourth Station~ Jesus meets his mother


Fifth Station~ Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry his cross


Sixth Station~ Veronica wipes the face of Jesus


Seventh Station~ Jesus falls a second time


Eighth Station~ Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem


Ninth Station~ Jesus falls  third time


Tenth Station~ Jesus’ clothes are taken away


Eleventh Station~ Jesus is nailed to the cross

Twelvth Station~ Jesus dies on the cross


Thirteenth Station~ The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross


Fourteenth Station~ Jesus is laid in the tomb

Yes, Snax wore sports shorts with a dress shirt and a sports coat.  You only wish you were so cool.

Holy Saturday was a quiet day, still preparing.  I spent the evening attending my favorite mass of the year, Easter Vigil.  I go each year with my mother.  Goose acted like he wanted to go as well, but at the last second three hours scared him off.  This mass is so beautiful and once again watching the new converts is inspiring.  I could see why there were tears in their eyes.  I’m so grateful that I grew up Catholic, but watching converts is totally different.  Sure, some people are converting for the sake of their spouse (yet it all starts somewhere doesn’t it?), but there are also those that are just truly convicted.  Watching them brings me chills.  It’s a nice tradition to share with my mom.

And then I came home and prepared for Easter.  We’re simple with baskets: books, candy and a small toy, this year flip flops.  Note to self: you will never need to buy plastic eggs again.  Ever.


And finally we say Alleluia because we can celebrate, it’s Easter.





DSC_7867No shame in finding more eggs than the younger siblings





Happy Easter!
Easter lasts 50 days, make the most of it!

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