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I went confession last week.  Long overdue.  That doesn’t mean it’s been forever since I’ve gone, just that I knew I had some sin that needed to be addressed.

I made my plans for the evening known well in advance as well as the fact that Squirt and Goose would be joining me.  I encouraged Lance to join in as well, but didn’t dictate his attendance.  (He’s my husband not my kid.)

St. Michael’s Parish always has a penance service during Lent and Advent.  And I love it.  They bring in several priests and you can choose face to face, anonymous and which priest you want.  It’s so great to see so many people lined up for confession.

Lance wasn’t home when we left so I had everyone with me.  What was I thinking?  Note to self: when you go to confession in the evening and there are lots of people trying to do the same, don’t be cheap, suck it up and pay for a sitter.  Your confession will start out much less stressful if you aren’t trying to keep your kids from acting like maniacs in a church.

Lance finally arrived and was stuck with the littles while I waited.  He had the same expression on his face when I released him from kid duty and had to wait several minutes before finding his own line.

Confession was wonderful.  The more I go, the better it gets.  Lance teases me that I think I am more Catholic if I spend more time in the confessional.  Not true.  I just want to make sure I get everything out and that I have a good confession.

It was really important to take the boys to confession as well.  I loved watching Goose go face to face without any qualms.  And Squirt’s was meaningful as well…it’s hard not to ask each kid “what did you confess” or say “don’t forget ABC”.  But honestly, I keep my mouth shut.  I also think it’s great for the littles to see us go as a family too.

My friend that moved to the middle east showed up after I told her about the service.  She later told me it was the best going away gift she received.  Confession is that good.

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