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By | Posted March 26, 2013

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We reached a new milestone today: Sunshine is now a forward facing baby.

I know, she’s two and three months.  (Notice that, no annoying 27 months from me.)

It was finally time to turn this girl around so she could see the world.

Why was she still facing backwards?  My pediatrician.  At Goose’s one year check-up, I commented about turning his car seat around.  The doctor told me to keep him rear facing as long as possible.  It seems I really took it heart with this little girl.

Plus, she’s petite.  She really didn’t need to turn around.

Plus, she loves looking at her big brothers.  Except when she doesn’t.  But generally, she loves laughing with them.  When Goose saw me changing the car seat, he was not very happy.  Which made me sad.  He loves talking with her, singing with her, throwing his Big Snoopy at her and just being with her.  Now he won’t see her sweet face when driving in the car.

I hate this whole growing up thing.

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