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By | Posted March 8, 2013

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It’s been a long week.  The kids, how shall I say it?  Have been totally obnoxious all week.  And that’s a nice way of putting it.  We had our follow up at the lice place and everyone is in the clear.  Indeed, great news.  But not enough to really make my week.  I still had to spend time there, and quite frankly, I still live in fear this crap isn’t gone for real.  Dramatic?  Yes, but live with six other people, four of whom like to have a slumber party in your bed on a regular basis and you can understand my fear.

The other day at lunch, my mom commented, “you can hear your kids all across the restaurant”.  It was a small place, but that is my new reality.  Sunshine is a screamer when she isn’t eating and it’s quite obnoxious.  Honestly, she has become a bully about food.  Snax talks as loud as his father does in regular conversation so we create quite the scene.

Then there is the pouting and crying, the disrespect when they don’t like dinner and loud praying…oh and three tests plus spelling and dictation for Goose, and high school report cards…it’s been a very. long. week.

The sweet from the week….I didn’t know how many I’d find, but indeed there are good things to share.

:: Sunshine loves playing tea party.  I can’t explain how cute it is, and the pictures just won’t do it justice, (plus, I don’t have any right now) but it is adorable.  She is ALL. GIRL.  Watching her and Chelsea play tea party the other night is something I don’t think I will forget.  Ever.

:: Snax had a really bad morning, screaming at Goose at breakfast which results in immediate removal from the table, (this after BH was screaming and pouting).  I was already in a bad mood before I had backed out of the garage.  Then all of a sudden, Snax starts talking about his birthday, his new favorite topic.  And he says, “First, I want to go to church because you need to say hi to God on your birthday, and then I want to go to Chuck E Cheese.”  I promise you right this second, Snax, this will happen on your birthday.  I will spend hours at Chuck E Cheese because of this statement.  Of course, Snax being Snax, he will probably opt out of church by this summer.

:: Speaking of mass…we always hit the Thursday morning mass at St. Michael’s.  Usually Monsignor is the celebrant.  He wasn’t there yesterday.  Snax’s advice?  Cover your ears.

:: Friday noon mass is our other weekday mass.  I planned to go, but after a two hour workout, (which totally improved my mood,) I had to first feed Sunshine so she could nap.  I found myself rushing just to get to mass in time for communion.  I stopped myself.  I am so tired of rushing everywhere, even things that matter like mass.  It’s okay if I miss daily mass.  Instead of rushing, I took my time getting ready and opted for a pedicure.  I took along my do it yourself retreat and finally had some “me” time.  New toenails and spiritual renewal, I’m pretty happy and inspired by this book thus far, I will definitely finish this before Easter.  This was the push I needed.

:: Senior skip day was today.  Squirt asked if I went to my Senior Skip Day.  Um, yes.  And I can’t tell you the fun I had that day.  I have the best pictures to prove it.  I told him I would show him the pictures when he was older.  Although, I didn’t drink that day, I was driving.  I have such fun memories.  And the person I spent the most time with that day was Paul, the friend who has been there for me since we were juniors.  I honestly can’t imagine not knowing him.  I am so grateful that Lance became friends with him as well.  Senior Skip Day is just one of the many amazing days with him.  It’s been too long since we’ve seen each other, but soon, it will happen.

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