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By | Posted February 28, 2013

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The past ten days have been filled with much drama in the house, and not the kind I want. So much so that the Holy Father resigning has not been at the top of my mind.  I take that back, I’ve thought about it each day, taken out our books on John Paul II and two Pope Benedict books, but I’ve only read one of the books.  Last Friday we celebrated the Chair of St. Peter, a perfect day to really start discussing the Holy Father, alas, we had fried fish and a feverish child.

The Pope unit study I planned to start, still just a thought in my mind.  I found this great book that talks about everything Pope, and waited too long to order it, now it’s on back order with no estimated delivery date.

Slightly frustrating as the kids are somewhat interested in the Pope these days.

Last night, I tried reading some books about the Holy Father, but the boys were just too excitable and with the frustration of the last few days, I sent them to bed.

I did manage to write a small note in their lunch reminding them that today is Pope Benedict XVI’s last day.  We WILL talk about it tonight at dinner and no matter what, those books will be read.

When I arrived at the gym, the caregivers there were sad and we spoke for a while.  I even called them from the exercise machine to let them know they needed to take a quick break at 10 to see the Pope leave the Vatican.

I made it home in time to see the Holy Father arrive at his temporary residence and give his final address as a Pope.  It was wonderful.  Snax was sitting on my lap, calling him our Holy Father and wondering why I was sad.  He’s the only child that got to see this live, and he probably won’t remember.  I will.

Lots of people don’t understand why Catholics have a pope.  He’s the Vicar of Christ on earth, not Christ, not a replacement.  But he is so important to the faithful.  I grew up with John Paul II.  He’s a hard man to replace.  I attended two papal audiences, and I have a great snap shot of him and was even able to sort of shake his hand.  Truly he was an amazing man.  One who loved, one who taught about the sanctity of life by example, (how he led until the very end with grace despite difficulties) and by being outspoken on life, and not just being anti-abortion.  Maybe I loved him so much because he was an outspoken opponent of the death penalty, something very close to my heart.  He was my pope, the only Pope I knew.

Then Pope Benedict XVI became Pope, and I’ll admit, I wasn’t convinced.  He was no John Paul II.  Really, he wasn’t.  And John Paul II was no Pope Benedict XVI either.  (I read that somewhere today, and I can’t recall!  What a great quote though.)  It’s true.  Both of these men were chosen to lead the Catholic faithful and be leaders in this world.  And they did just that with grace and humility in their own way.

I feel so blessed to have grown up with John Paul II, I finally have an appreciation for Benedict XVI especially with this humble resignation,  and I anxiously await the news “Habemus Papum”.  Hopefully, before Easter!

And I savor today’s memory of Pope Benedict’s final blessing with my rambunctious boy in my arms.

Thank you, Pope Benedict XVI for your love and service to the church.

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