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Because things couldn’t seem more out of control in this house…

The younger boys, meaning every. single. boy. in this house except for Squirt have LICE.

See?  I have no shame.  Humility isn’t a problem for me.  Right?

Do you realize I have lived in fear of lice since Goose was in first grade?

I must have grown because a year ago, I would never have admitted this.  But when I’m dead and the kids are looking through mom’s notes on life, I want them to remember that me, yes me, took the time to wash their hair and comb through it night after night to get rid of lice.

Seriously, what else could happen in this house?  And not to sound petty, but can someone please explain why I haven’t been sent off for a pedicure by now?  Because after sifting through crap for a squished penny mom needs some sort of break.  After dealing with a daughter who all of a sudden refused ibuprofen despite having a 101-02 fever?  I need a break!  Do you hear that, universe?  Husband?  God?  I am at my limit.

There, I admit it.

Recently, I read that grace is showered upon you when you need it.  NOT A SECOND before that.  When I read that, I really liked the sound of it.  But that begs the question, is there more?  Because God, I am ready.  RIGHT. THIS. SECOND.

Really, I am fine, I just don’t like mess and to me lice is just another mess.  A mess that takes a bit of time to leave.  The reality is that life is messy.  And I don’t do well with mess.  I’ll deal, God willing, I don’t get this.  Because then, let’s be real, I WILL LOSE IT.  I’ve heard about the lice lady, $200.  If I get lice, I’m in with her.  Miss cheap will be there.

On a super sad note, this is the first time Goose is sleeping without Big Snoopy.

And on another note…CAN I FUCKING VOMIT NOW?  Best part of the night?  Her falling onstage.  And now, I really can’t take it anymore.  I’m done.

Comments on REALLY?????

  1. From Cory:

    Would it be rude of me to say I’m glad I had to clean off the patio last night and I couldn’t make it over. Yuck.

    • From Nicole:

      Please…if the invitation to Cash’s party got lost in the mail, I would totally get it.

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    Jennifer Lawrence….BARF! She stole that award from Jessica! Happy for Argo but I am so pissed about Best Actress.

    “It came true”…..double BARF!

    And were you having an Oscar viewing party and didn’t invite?

    I would have come over but I had a fever. I’m not getting Mari sicker. Plus I have lots of experience in your house’s current trouble so I could have been helping with that…if it weren’t for the fever and body aches I was experiencing that evening.

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