Five For Friday

By | Posted February 1, 2013

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:: It’s Friday.  What does this mean?  My husband comes home tonight!  We’re pretty pathetic about time apart from each other.  I know I am very blessed to have a husband that would rather be with me than anyone else.  While Radio Row is hardly real competition, I know he’d feel the same way no matter where he was going.

:: So I tell my dad this.  His response: “I’m glad your husband is like that, so be nice.”  Sometimes I get the feeling that he thought I would stay single forever.

:: The other night I went into the kitchen at 10:24 and caught Squirt eating hummus.  I’ll admit it totally got on my nerves.  I realize I was being pretty irrational, (I did keep it to myself) but it’s basically 10:30.  I don’t care how old you are, you don’t need to eat past 9.  But he is a boy and a teen so I get it.  Then I just started really getting depressed thinking about a bunch of teens in my kitchen late at night.

:: Speaking of Squirt, he is supposed to be going to Galveston with some friends on Saturday.  Last night, he asked “would it be okay if we stayed the night, like I mean if it just happens that way?”  Um, no.  Hell no, you aren’t just going to crash over night in Galveston.  With as fiercely protective as I’ve always been and how I always provided exceptional advice on mean kids, (meaning I gave him loads of come backs), I bet he assumed I was going to be the cool parent.  With the exception of taking him out of school to see movies, I’d say I’m not the cool parent, a sad fact he realized a long time ago.

:: I’ve put on a few pounds, like ten, over the past few months.  In an effort to find something healthy to snack on for me and really the kids who want to eat ALL. THE. TIME. I went with nuts.  Good fat and filling snack.  I was eating them by the handfuls, not realizing I was just supposed to eat a single handful at a time.  Then I read the sodium and well, I am never buying mixed nuts from Costco again.

Happy Weekend, my baby is coming home!

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