Purchased With Love

By | Posted January 7, 2013

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Right before Sunshine was born, I finally gave myself permission to buy a few clothes for her.  Armed with a coupon at Old Navy, I found a few things for her.  As we were leaving Baby Hulk found these shoes he wanted to buy for her.  To be honest, they weren’t something I would have bought, but his excitement over finding something for his sister made me get them.


They finally fit, and she loves them.  I can’t believe these shoes that were so big fit her now.  When I see her wear them, they make me smile as I think back to his excitement over his new baby sister.


Today, he loves his sister even more.  She loves him too, and calls him Mace.  She hates to see him upset and is the first one to try and make him feel better when sad.


Comments on Purchased With Love

  1. From Dad:

    Both Mari and Snax are so adorable – I so glad they love each other a lot!!!!!

  2. From Jenn:

    S is so sweet! This story makes me think of “The Christmas Shoes.” Love their relationship.

    • From Nicole:

      Me too. They are super sweet together.

  3. From Shea:

    Aren’t you glad you bought them? I try to remind myself not to have “no” be my first reaction to everything my kids ask for/to do, but to take a moment and think about the request. I generally suck at this, but this little story, which I’m sure is so minor in the story that is your busy life, was a nice reminder to me, that saying “yes” to something that might seem silly at the time will end up meaning something else later.

    • From Nicole:

      Yes, I am. And both kids are so happy about these shoes. I am so glad I bought them that when the time comes to pass along her clothes, I am saving these shoes. His first gift to his little sister. Sigh.

  4. From Jill:

    Awww…how sweet!

    Also, those shoes are AWESOME. 🙂

    • From Nicole:

      He is so sweet! And thanks, I look at them now and love them.

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