On the feast of St. Nicholas

By | Posted December 6, 2012

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The kids woke up to gold coins at breakfast to signify St. Nicholas’ generosity and new pj’s.  And of course, books.

I used to buy the boys matching pj’s, but it appears those years have passed.  In fact, I could only find pj pants this year for Goose, Baby Hulk and Squirt.  Squirt scored big time this year.

Personally, I would love to just celebrate St. Nicholas and skip Santa, but Lance won’t allow it.  That’s fine, the best presents still come from me.  And this year, I’ve drawn the line with that elf.  He has flown the coop and won’t be coming back.

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  1. From Jenn:

    Our elf isn’t really a hit around here. We’ll keep it up this year and maybe try next year. I don’t want to use it as a “be good or else” but just enjoy something fun. I feel like it might take away from more “Advent” type of preparations. Maybe there’s just so much a two year old can focus on! Anyway, remind me to tell you our St. Nick fail next time we talk. A toddler meltdown over not getting to watch Thomas + Momma’s lack of patience in pushing through with learning about St. Nick at the time = we’ll try next year! BUT the kid does know that St. Nick is another name for Santa Clause. I guess that’s some sort of start. Who knows. Y’all have a great weekend! Is this party (or lack of?) weekend?

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