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By | Posted November 18, 2012

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The other afternoon, Goose tells me “mom, I get three trips to the treasure box this week because…”.  Honestly, I wasn’t listening because I hate the treasure box.  Just more crap for me to capture and throw away without him noticing.  And he notices when his stuff goes missing.

Later I went over his work and he pointed out a sheet of paper and commented this is the one I was talking about earlier.  When I wasn’t listening.  I asked for the story again.  Turns out the teacher forgot to give him a worksheet when he left early the day before so she had him complete the work that morning.  She gave him a 100.  Then he noticed that he missed one, moving his grade to 83.

So he got a trip to the treasure box for honestly.

Seriously, who the hell is this kid.  I’d like to say I’m proud, but really, he should know better.

Comments on Not My Kid

  1. From Jenn:

    I’m surprised that she moved his grade. 100 > treasure box toy, right?

    • From Nicole:

      Nope, we have a crappy little note pad and an 83. Seriously, I wanted to kill him!

  2. From Jill:

    Random question…..does Goose read the Hank the Cowdog books?? My mom highly recommends this series to 3rd and 4th graders to read. I loved these when I was little, as well. We were talking about the author the other day – he did a video chat with my mom’s class that was really neat, and I thought about you and Goose!

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