My Inner Artist

By | Posted November 10, 2012

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After a failed attempt with family painting on Mother’s Day and my subsequent boycott of PP, I didn’t think I’d ever paint…

Then I saw a painting for El Dia De Los Muertos at a different company.  I forgave that the class was scheduled after said celebration, figuring I’ll have a great addition to the altar for next year.

Jill joined me, and we created this:

I was slightly worried about my skills as a painter, but I think it turned out pretty decent.  Good enough that I’ll try it again and suggested to Lance that this is the perfect activity for the next family get together.  It’s easy, you can chat and still spend time together while making a memory.

Bonus was meeting up with a blog/Twitter friend.  Random how that happens, isn’t it?

Comments on My Inner Artist

  1. From Jenn:

    This is awesome! It looks great and I bet your family would love a painting session.

    • From Nicole:

      I think this is the perfect family reunion type of activity. Especially if you aren’t super close and need something to do.

  2. From Jill:

    See, I told you that I would like yours better! I like how much more bold yours is! 🙂

    • From Nicole:

      Ha!! Yours is way better! Maybe we need to make a Christmas decoration/painting!

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