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By | Posted November 4, 2012

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I love feast days and two of the best are All Saints and All Souls.  I love the saints and studying them.  They’re a great example for my kids because most of them certainly weren’t perfect their entire lives.  But once they converted, they had a zeal I hope my kids imitate.

We have our favorites in this family and enjoy learning about new ones.  I like finding new ways to teach about the saints and recently, I purchased some adorable saint peg dolls for Sunshine.  I imagine we’ll add more in our future.  Then there are the books…one more I just found today and on the wish list.

It’s easy to relate to the saints because most of them were like me at one time or another.  Now I’m not going to chronicle my sins, but it’s nice to know that these people I’m petitioning for prayers once led a life less than saintly.  It gives me hope.  And some days…when you yell at your kids for no real reason, argue for no reason and are just plain foul, well, it’s nice to know there is hope.

Hope, this is why I believe.

Hope that I get it right.  Hope that my kids have faith and live according to that faith.  Hope for a better world.  Hope for less cynicism in all areas.  And hope to see those that have gone before us.

And so we remember with love and in hope that we see them again:

Grandma (Bisa) and Grandpa Perez
Lipa Villegas
Grandpa Villegas
Marlise Renee Villegas
Richard Villegas
Grandma Maxine
Grandpa Zierlein
Grandma May
Grandpa Stephens
Ed Werlund
Lee McMaster

and many more…they are our history, our family, a part of us.  We miss each one of you.  We pray for your souls and beg prayers of you for us.

Comments on On the feast of…

  1. From Dad:

    I am very proud of you! You did great. I am sure all of your family that is no longer with us also is proud of you

  2. From Jenn:

    Beautiful altar! So wonderful to see y’all today. Hope it’s soon!

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks! I just took it down and put up that printable. I love it.

      I hope we see you soon!!

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