Daybook~ A Real Week of Fall

By | Posted October 29, 2012

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For Today…October 29, 2012

Outside my window…the sun is shining, it’s cold outside.  Okay, chilly is a more accurate word.  Whatever you say, it’s nice.

I am wearing…black yoga pants and a blue shirt.  Might want to think about changing out of my workout clothes soon.

I am listening…to Lola bark.  And that’s fine with me.   She is a lot of things, but overall a sweet dog.  And Baby Hulk wasn’t scared of her when he came home last night.

I am praying for…a special intention, patience, my kids in school, the grace to know whether some decisions are right and what to do about those that are wrong.

Moments of grace…a calm little boy in the face of an emergency.  This sweet boy who is not always the calmest child of mine, held it together so well, honestly, there was no reason to worry.  Pure grace.

From the kitchen…pumpkin bread, lots of pumpkin bread.  Margaritas, lots of those too.

To be fit and happy…like I said, I like boot camp, not liking the results.  After a month, no results.  I take that back, I am stronger, yes in my arms and shoulders, but not thinner, clothes are still tight and that’s how I gage if something is worthwhile.  Maybe it’s time for more cardio again.  Or maybe I just need to stop drinking and eating sweets.

Reading all the time…this is my current favorite picture of the kids.  I fully admit that I  recreate shots.  Not this one.  And nothing makes me prouder (at the moment) than to catch them reading like this.  Someone asked how I made this happen, I don’t know.  Most people I know read to their kids.  Certainly, my kids like a lot of other things besides reading, but they do enjoy it quite a bit.

Living the liturgical year…It’s the feast of All Saints and All Souls this week.  So excited.  I think I’ll bring out Sunshine’s new peg dolls for the display and then pack them up for her birthday.  My amazing friend made cookies for el Dia de los Muertos and mailed them to us.  Seven huge skull cookies.  I saved them for the feast.  I can’t wait to try them.

How cool…is it that my kids have been all over the Internet because of their Halloween costumes.  Aaron Paul tweeted the picture, Bryan Cranston mentioned it on television.  I mean, so freaking cool. even did a piece on them.  No mention of the cool wife that allows her husband to dress up her kids.  Guess I didn’t make the speech this time.

I am reading…Education in the Heart of My Home (not like it matters) and the perks of being a wallflower.  Finished two other books since I last wrote a daybook, pretty happy about reading again.  I might just be ready for a book club!

A few plans for the week…Halloween, All Saints Day, el Dia de los Muertos, two major tests for the 3rd grader, (yes, I realize how dumb that sounds), a visit with my in-laws and hopefully time to workout.

Bitch of the week…tomorrow is Baby Hulk’s field trip to Dewberry Farm.  I’m not a chaperone because I was planning to bring the littles along.  Today one of the mom’s from the other class said that their teacher notified them that siblings weren’t welcome.  Just another example of how ridiculous they are.  I’m not a chaperone, so why can’t I go with my littles as well.  And can I say that our teacher hasn’t said a thing to us about tomorrow.  And our room mom…I’ve never met someone less interested in communicating with a class.

In case you were wondering…it was more stressful to take four kids to putt putt than deal with a dog bite and have to hit the ER.  More “fun” pictures to share later.

A picture to share…

Comments on Daybook~ A Real Week of Fall

  1. From Nikki Andrews:

    Can’t wait to see pictures of Larry David!!
    It will be pretty pretty pretty good!
    I told LZ to make sure your little LD walks around with a Pinkberry cup. 🙂
    Maybe you and I can dress up as characters from Veep. I’ll be Gary because I want to rock the Leviathan!
    I am seriously considering making Alexis wear my Gilly costume instead of the one she’s got. The kids have not stopped calling me Gilly all week.

    • From Nicole:

      Veep would be perfect! God, I can’t wait for that show to come back.

      Tell Alexis the boys like to be different for Halloween to inspire her. Show her pictures.

      I am dying to see how Lance makes it work for tomorrow.

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        She decided to go with Gilly! I’m so happy!

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        And send me the link to that article where people are criticizing the Halloween costumes so I can start an online war. 🙂

  2. From Chelsea:

    Omg Mari’s new smile is too much!!

    • From Nicole:

      She is too much! She literally ate the entire time we were on the field trip today. Nobody could believe it. But she is a cutie. We need to find a bag on Etsy for her.

  3. From Jenn:

    Such a great picture of you with the kiddos! Ok so you did go on the field trip? Or is this for tomorrow? Anyway, you don’t have to answer here I guess. We just need to catch up!
    I almost made pumpkin bread after dinner tonight because I want it tomorrow for breakfast. Maybe I’ll just get up early and do it. Miss y’all! Oh, and read the Today Show piece on Lance and the costumes. So awesome!

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks! I did go and it totally worked out. I was really happy and told Lance that maybe this will help me move forward and be more positive. I even spoke with the room mom, that didn’t go quite as well. 🙂 Tell you in real life about that. I am making some bread again this week. We can’t get enough of it.

      We need to hit the facebook group for Today mom’s or something. Most of them were “I can’t believe he did that!” Can’t people take a joke? Snax has decided he wants to wear his lion costume from 2 years ago.

      And yes, asap…I want to see you and W!

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