My New Home?

By | Posted October 28, 2012

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I have eight friends I can think of without trying that have four kids, (and over half aren’t Catholic), so five kids doesn’t seem like much to me.

People make comments all the time..but it’s not a big deal.  I like order, and generally, we have it.  At the very least, I can keep a really clean house which gives me the illusion of order.

I had convinced myself that things are relatively easy.  Sure we’ve had some issues transitioning back to school this year, and I’m not talking about me…overall, easy, easy.  Give me another kid.  In fact, let me have another boy.

Then came the ER.

Two visits: less than one month.

First, Squirt dislocated his knee cap in wrestling.  The screams coming through the phone were horrible to hear.  Thankfully, he was walking the following day.  He milked it for all it was worth, even getting a coach to give him crutches when the hospital refused.  He seems fine, and we’re praying his MRI shows that he can get back to wrestling.

Saturday, Baby Hulk was bit by a dog.  On his face.  Yes, his beautiful face.  (The first thing everyone said was “not Baby Hulk, he’s so handsome!”  And then rushed to say how adorable everyone else is, but well, you know…Baby Hulk has old school good looks.  It’s true.

And he still does.

For a slightly hyper sensitive kid, he handled the bite really well.  Sure he cried for about five minutes, but stopped before we were even at the hospital.  And sat there texting his father while waiting for stitches.  Because of course, this happened when Lance was out of town.  BH doesn’t get to play with my phone so he was pretty happy and even tried to use his trip to the ER today in an effort to mess with it again.

I’m not the calmest person by nature, but I have to say I’m great in an emergency.  And really, I knew he would be fine.  Things happen.

That said, I’m not sure I’m ready for more trips to the ER.  And this is where having several kids might not be such a positive thing.  I should start taking bets on just how many times Snax will end up there.

Comments on My New Home?

  1. From Shea:

    OK, that sucks. How’s he doing now? I bet he looks all tough with the stitches. Now he’ll just be rugged handsome, but still handsome.

    • From Nicole:

      He is fine now. You can’t even tell in the pictures I posted from today. Of course, I had two mothers make comments about it. And he was worried about the kids making fun of him…

  2. From Jenn:

    I think it’s pretty amazing that S hasn’t been there yet!!!! W’s got that on him 🙂

    I’m sure we will be there at some other point in his life (Dear God, maybe not??) but I will have to remember to call you and mooch off of your sense of calm. I remember being “strong” for W when we were there but inside I was a wreck and certainly let the tears fall when his little face was turned watching the tv inside the treatment room.

    • From Nicole:

      Awwww…that makes me sad. It sucks to see your kids hurts and not be able to do anything about it. Like I told you, I’m strong on certain things, then something that is seemingly normal like sending your kid to school. Well, I practically need therapy over it. Maybe not practically. Anyway, I think I’m the calm one in this family over emergencies.

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