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By | Posted October 7, 2012

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Outside of raising my kids and running this home, there are few jobs I could actually see myself doing.

My life goal, the job I am positive I would be amazing at is private detective.  I’m too nosy for my own good, see through lies easily and love figuring out a puzzle.  I used to tease Lance that I would take Goose on outings with my camera.

Over the last few years when I heard people complain about their homes being disorganized, I figured I could be a professional organizer.  Go through closets and toss out junk.

But now, I realize there is one other job I might have been made for…children’s librarian.

I love children’s books, a side effect of having a troupe of children.  I still recall the first time I realized that Squirt could read, really read…we were driving down 59 and he read a bill board.  I remember discovering Jack and Annie with him.  Going through the Percy Jackson series, him giving me the first three books because he wanted me to read them.  He still reads, though not as much as I want!

Goose has had a love of books since the day he came home from the hospital.  We’re six weeks into school, and the note already came that he isn’t paying complete attention in class because he is reading.  He sneaks a flashlight into bed at night so he can keep reading.  It can be any book, a picture book, Magic Tree House or his favorite, Goosebumps.  Honestly, he should be reading more difficult books, but what’s the rush?  The more intense the books become, the more things I have to explain, the more he learns about that I might not want him to know about just quite yet.  So while I want him to have a bit more meat in his reading, I’m okay with him taking it slower than his actual abilities.

Baby Hulk didn’t start out quite like Goose, which kind of worried me.  I expected the exact same love of books.  Once it hit, though it hasn’t stopped.  He gets mad when we don’t read at night, has a huge stack of books from the library and has certain books that are most definitely him.  (If that makes sense.)  He also complains daily that he isn’t reading in school.

Even my rough and tumble kid Snax has finally found his groove with books.  Finally. I thought it would never come.  Each day after lunch we read a huge stack of picture books.  He has his favorites and is showing small signs that reading on his own is on the horizon.

And the girl…she trails me around the house with a book in her hands, shouting, “read, read”.  I LOVE IT!  It makes me so happy that she loves hearing stories as much as the rest of the family.  She has her personal favorites already…Prayer for a Child, Angels, Angels Everywhere, a Saints Board book and Horn to Toes.  The fact that one of her favorite books is a Tomie DePaola book thrills the boys since he is our favorite author.


The kids have enjoyed comparing Caldecott winners and figuring out why certain books won and others didn’t.  They don’t understand why some books have never won awards.  I like that they are paying attention, checking out the details.

I guess in a way, I’m a librarian to my own little class at home.  I truly enjoy finding new books for them and seeing what makes them smile.  We have a wonderful collection of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Saint books.  We’re slowly collecting books on seasons, BH’s love, and nature books.  It’s hard to stop buying books, yet, we have to make sure not to buy too many, there is always the library right down the street.

I plan to start volunteering at the school library once we’re settled into a routine.  That way kids don’t go home with books that are most definitely out of season, a huge pet peeve of mine!

Comments on Day Job

  1. From Nikki Andrews:

    You can still be a children’s librarian AND a spy. I’m just as nosy. We could do this together!

    • From Nicole:

      When can we start???? I am so in on the PI work, I would be great!

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        I know people with access to great search engines. Let’s discuss and make a plan! We would be so good at this!

  2. From Jenn:

    This is so sweet! And now I’ll stay on your good side. I don’t need you digging up any dirt on me. 🙂

    • From Nicole:

      hahahaha! I don’t dig up dirt on friends!

      Do you know I just spent 30 minutes finding books about Armadillos?! We are studying them in two weeks at the sanctuary. I hope these books are good.

  3. From Denise:

    Great pictures of you & the boys & the ones of Sunshine are so sweet. It’s awesome all of your kids love books & to read. Everytime Ethan is here he wants me to read “the book my friend gave him about the baby Jesus birth”
    ;-). He was “reading” last night to Carter for the longest time, so sweet. Carter is into books all the sudden too. I still need to get with you on what to order them for Christmas. If you decide to go the professional organizer profession route let me know, I could really use one. Although I would be embarrassed to have you see my mess.

    • From Nicole:

      Oh Denise! Anytime you want, I can come and do whatever. For whatever reason, I like to clean/organize. And I’m not perfect, I know where my weaknesses are, but since I work at home and take it seriously, (not that others don’t), I make it a priority. For me, it’s not hard to clean and be present to my kids at the same time. I have few gifts, this must be one of them.

      Yes, yes…we need to talk books. Soon!! Can’t wait for boys to play together. 🙂

  4. From Jill:

    Goose is so like I was! I got in so much trouble for sneaking books after “lights out”. I didnt read early, as my school teacher mom didnt believe in that (ha!), but once I started, I NEVER STOPPED. Thanks to Raheel, my nook even has HUNDREDS of books on it that I may never even get through, even though I read every single day. 🙂

    Whereas my brother wont read ANYTHING. He’d rather just have you tell him what’s up. 🙂

    • From Nicole:

      Your mom, she is so onto something. There is a large (homeschool) movement about holding kids back so to speak, instead of rushing them. I mean, what are we rushing these kids for? BH is so far ahead of his class right now, partly my fault, partly b/c he is just smart, that he is bored. Having seen this school, I can see he will be bored for at least 3 more years. And while he did read early, he was just “there”. Once he started, there was really nothing to do but keep reading. I have tried very hard to hold him back with his books, focusing more and more on comprehension and read a louds. Snax could be forced into reading within a couple of months, but I am taking an even slower approach so that he actually enjoys it. He is a different kind of kid. 🙂

      I am thinking about getting Goose a nook or kindle for X-mas. Wondering if he would like one.

      Squirt is like your brother!

  5. From Jill:

    Im from a small town, and I didnt even technically go to pre-school. Just daycare in a home that was just playtime all day, then kindergarten. Didnt learn to read until 1st grade, which was the traditional time in the school system then. My brother started Pre-K at 3 and learned to read soon after. My mom swears that learning everything early has zero bearing on future intellect or learning aptitude. Which I agree with more and more!

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