My Newest Student

By | Posted October 1, 2012

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They say every child is different.  I know this.  Down to my core, I know this.  And yet, I am still surprised at times by just how different this one is from the others.

Some days, I think he is as lazy as a teenager.

Others, I think he may be my smartest kid ever.

He definitely learns differently than the others have.  They picked up a lot on their own with my guiding them along the way.  He learns fast, but only when he wants.  Which is why he still can’t recognize numbers very well.  In all honestly, I try not to let it bother me.  What he does and doesn’t recognize isn’t a reflection of how smart he is or what I’m doing as a parent.

That said, I do wish he were a bit more cooperative.

Today I asked Snax to count to 50.  (A warm up of sorts.)  He said he only wanted to count to 1.

Yes, 1.

You have to love this kid.  He keeps me on my toes.  Everyone loves him and how could they not.

I already know how this story ends…he will learn.  And learn well.  Then someone else will get him all day long.  And that’s when I wish I hadn’t read the ending already.

And yes, there are some days when we school in PJ’s.  We’re cool like that.


Comments on My Newest Student

  1. From Denise:

    I love this boy! Hang in there you are a great Mom & the kids are so blessed with you & Lance.

  2. From Jenn:

    This little guy just makes me smile! To ONE!!! Cracking up. Seriously, that’s some smarts for sure!

    Now we have to have a talk about your learning toys/games/”stuff”. I need help to make a list and where to find what!

    • From Nicole:

      Yes, he is smart in a much different way!! But he is a smart one. 🙂

      Play date soon???!!!

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