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By | Posted August 24, 2012

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Last night was amazing.  Simply amazing.

Another killer Old 97’s show.

Yes, another.  They just do such a great job every single time I see them, I can’t decide which show is best.

Okay, I admit, that show almost two years was probably the best ever…You just can’t beat getting tickets to a sold out show from Rhett Miller himself!

Last night was the anniversary show of Too Far To Care, an incredible, beloved album.  But for me it was a chance to FINALLY see the band with Chelsea.

Ten years ago, I introduced Chelsea to the band via Satellite Rides.  What 12 year old wouldn’t love Rollerskate Skinny and Bird in a Cage?  Of course, there was Question and my personal, all time favorite song, Designs On You.

She became an instant fan and over the years we’ve shared our taste in music despite our age difference.  We discussed each new album, and I sent text messages from the last several shows while she was in college.

You can only imagine the text messages that flew between us when I was able to meet the band with the boys.

When we heard the band was coming to Houston someone gave Lance tickets so he gave Chelsea two tickets to use.  We arrived right as the show started.

I could hear Timebomb.

And the guy at the window couldn’t find our tickets.

Do you think I went postal?  Maybe.  When Barrier Reef started, I finally shouted, “why aren’t we just buying tickets????!!!”  We did, and while Lance stayed behind to get over being slightly upset with me, I walked to the middle close to the front where I knew Cory was.  I’m sure he was more than annoyed to hear me scream my story in his ear while the band was playing.

Meanwhile, they found the tickets, and Lance got his money back for one ticket, they needed mine and I wasn’t going back outside.

Overall, an incredible show.  The band didn’t disappoint and played some additional songs and the ending: Timebomb again which was perfect because I had missed it.

Chel and I were like kids once we found each other.  The first thing we did this morning was text about the show and how great it was.

Comments on Rollerskate Skinny To Timebomb

  1. From LZ:

    This blog entry blows. And someone didn’t “give” me the tickets, I went out and hustled after them.

    Rhett Miller sucks.

  2. From Cory:

    I was not bothered by the venting at all. The question I have now though is has Chelsea been to a Wilco show yet?

    Sam’s Burger Joint is a much smaller venue so I’ll send you guys a couple jars of Rhett sweat from tomorrow’s show. BTW we’re taking my friend Andy’s 22 year old niece to her first Old 97’s show.

    • From Nicole:

      The niece is in for a treat. I would go again if we weren’t starting school Monday. Plus, I love the smaller venue. (What was the place where I got free tickets? Small venue, great place.)

      Glad you weren’t annoyed. I had some pretty psycho energy for a bit.

      Chelsea has been to Wilco…four years ago, I was pregnant with Snax at that show.

      • From Cory:

        I think that was the Continental Club show.

  3. From Denise:

    At last I am able to read your blog about Old 97’s show last night. I think it was my second favorite show & I have seen them too many to count at this point. The BEST ever show was with you & Lance at the Continental Club! Hoping to see them again in a small venue, but that was only half of the night/excitement! How could anything ever beat you meeting them, getting tickets, the four of us being up front & RHETT mentioning you 😉
    Oh & Rhett’s autograph on the CD!
    I only wish we would of seen each other last night, WTH! I so wanted to meet Chelsea & have you meet Lauren & Robert, plus see Cory & Lance. What a great night, still smiling over some of the memories & songs. Are we ever going to see each other AGAIN?
    I am seriously holding you to Labor Day weekend, I am going to have the boys for 4 days! I want the boys to all meet & play & can’t wait to see Sunshine!

    • From Nicole:

      Totally stinks missing you guys. I literally walked in the door, when they tried to ask for my ID, b/c you know I look so young(!) I just walked on right to the front. I’m good like that…nobody can keep me in the back at a concert, I just acted like I had been there all along.

      Regardless, last night was awesome! Maybe knowing the set ahead of time made it so great b/c I wasn’t waiting to hear anything specific. Smiling again just thinking about it. I may never stop!

      This weekend, I promise. We’ll help you survive the babies. Sunshine is hilarious right now.

      And you’re right…that first show where we met the first time, the best ever!

  4. From Jenn:

    This is so cool! Are you going to think I’m lame if I tell you that I have no idea who this band is?

    I love that you and Chelsea got to bond over their music though. That’s one aspect that I hope W picks up from me and J. I don’t care what his taste are. I just hope he loves it!

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