Petroglyph National Monument

By | Posted August 22, 2012

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We took the kids hiking at Petroglyph in Albuquerque Sunday morning.  You can tell we’re inexperienced hikers because Lance and I are constantly calling out to the kids to be careful.  At one point BH climbed over rocks and I couldn’t find him.  Squirt and Goose followed, but still, I was pretty nervous.

Snax didn’t seem to mind this hike.

Comments on Petroglyph National Monument

  1. From Nikki Andrews:

    The pillow pet went on the hike?

    You are very blessed to have a great family that enjoys all these things! These pictures are fab.

    • From Nicole:

      Yes, the damn pillow pet went. Snoopy almost went zip lining, but he was afraid he might fall. He is almost weird about his animals!

      I do feel blessed. It makes me happy to do stuff like that.

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        I’m just thinking about how much my kids would complain on a hike so you are sooo very lucky that your kids like the stuff you do.
        The scenery is amazing. These will be great Christmas card photos.
        I’m dying for a vacation. I work too much and I never “think” I have time for vacations. We will be in NYC in November but it’s too far away. We did nothing for our 10 yr anniversary because we had other commitments. Oh well. Maybe next year. 🙂
        For now, I’ll live through these photos.

        • From Nicole:

          Is everyone going to NYC??? Jealous! I love vacations, and it frustrates me to hear about other stuff b/c I want to do it all. Like New York, except I know the kids are really too young for that. Even Chicago, b/c I want them all to enjoy it. There’s a time for everything, right?

          Miss you!!!

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    Yes. We are all going to NYC. We will be front and center for Macy’s parade…I HOPE! We are actually staying with Carlin for the entire trip.

    We need another “play date” between the 2 of us! No kids….just adults and adult beverages. Geez…I sound like an alkie. Oh well. Who cares!

    • From Nicole:

      Jealous! So jealous. dying to take kids to NYC. I have another friend taking their kids to Chicago.

  3. From Jenn:

    Snax dominated!! I can’t wait to do another family vacay!

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