White Sands National Monument

By | Posted August 21, 2012

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We power drove after Lance got off work last Friday to Las Cruces, New Mexico so that we could go here.

Someone randomly mentioned White Sands thinking that we would be driving in that direction on our way to Durango.  We weren’t supposed to drive in that direction.

After researching White Sands, it became a must that we get there.

We were not disappointed in the least.

Before arriving, we learned about how the park was formed and the plants and animals that live there.  We weren’t prepared for just how nice it was.

We took a one mile hike in the hot, hot heat.  The boys loved it.  We forgot water.  For someone who loves hiking, I am not very good at it.  Who forgets water in the blazing heat beating down on white freaking sand???

We survived.  We saw animal tracks, took a great family picture and the kids earned their Junior Ranger badges as well.

A great start to our vacation.

Comments on White Sands National Monument

  1. From JILL:

    I love that place ! 🙂

    • From Nicole:

      It was cool. I can’t believe I had never been there until now.

  2. From Denise:

    One of my favorite places. Grew up in NM visited so many times. When we lived in Las Cruces for several years we loved it when they opened during full moons. Talk about amazing! It’s just like day light when its a clear night! I am so jealous of your entire trip. You do have amazing rock star traveling children. So glad you are sharing vacation pictures!

    • From Nicole:

      We so enjoyed White Sands. I really want to explore all of New Mexico, of course hitting Carlsbad. So much to see. Those full moon nights sound awesome.

  3. From Jenn:

    That last picture is awesome. Looks like y’all are getting lots of Christmas card good ones!

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