Brothers and Basketball

By | Posted August 7, 2012

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The boys’ basketball season ended on Saturday.  It was a great season, and the boys had such a good time.  Technically, Goose and Baby Hulk weren’t supposed to be on the same team, but I am so glad about the slight mess up during registration that allowed them to play together.  And not just because it makes things much easier for me to have them on the same team.

Goose has turned into a pretty decent little player.  He had several great games, and despite being a major ball hog, he had two games in which he actively passed and made those around him better.  Including his brother.  Baby Hulk was the youngest on the team, and while it showed at times, he was good too.  One of my favorite moves is to watch him dribble the ball.  He has this cool move where he flips his leg while dribbling.  Lance says that technically, it’s dribbling between your legs, but that’s not really what BH does.

Goose was clearly the better player of the two, but they both loved playing.  Baby Hulk might have liked the Gatorade a bit more than the actual game, but that’s okay.  He’s still young.  They play basketball at home nonstop.

The games were exciting to watch, and I had to force myself not to become that parent.  I left that to my parents!  I am so glad that the boys were able to have the whole family watch games as well as my parents.  Today, BH took his trophy to the store so that my dad could see it.  They were so proud of themselves, but also willing to hear how to improve their game from Lance.

I have to compliment the YMCA for their youth sports program.  It’s not too intense for kids.  It’s fun like it should be.

I hope this isn’t the last team they are on together.  I loved watching them compete together.  What a season!

Fun fact: The boys wore the same clothes each week for their games.  Goose wore his Butler gear, while BH wore his Texans clothes.  The morning of the last game, he was freaking out because he couldn’t find his red shirt.  I love that I’m not the only OCD person in this house.

Comments on Brothers and Basketball

  1. From Grandpa:

    The boys looked great – Alec looked really good but so did Mason – the dribbling between the legs was such a great move cause he knew what he was doing. Please encourage them to continue with some form of sports. Grandpa

  2. From Alec Zierlein:

    I think I am the absolute best, no question. Mason is never going to be better than me, although he has a tiny bit of talent. (jk, he is really good)

  3. From mason:

    i am better than alec

  4. From MASON:


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