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Yes, we’re ready.

A HUGE thank you to my dad for buying us so many treats on Sunday.  New backpacks, (repeat after me, they will last 3 years), new shirts for the season, a new book, basketball, reading lights for the night time nerds, (I say that as a former flashlight reader), a monster truck…

Then there is this…

It fits!

Have I mentioned how much I love smocked dresses?


Comments on Ready?

  1. From Missy:

    I LOVE the smocked dress!! Too too cute. Is it from co-op?

    • From Nicole:

      Yes! I have been eyeing that dress since I had a girl!!! She also has a cheer leader dress too…

  2. From Shea:

    Kate had some adorable smocked dresses. If only I had known . . . she barely wore them. 🙁 Then poor Baby Z wouldn’t have to be wearing that ugly one.

    PS This is SEC country.

    • From Nicole:

      I am going to make you hold her wearing that dress.

  3. From Jenn:

    That dress is adorable! I think you will need to have that washed for every Saturday.

    We have the LSU version of that book and W loves it! I don’t think they make one for LA Tech!

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