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By | Posted August 3, 2012

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:: It’s August.  The third to be exact.  Less than 27 days before school starts.  Am I sad?  Pretty devastated to be honest.  I hate the thought of the boys going to school.  I’m more than a bit worried about the Baby Hulk starting school.  And not just because I think I’m the best teacher for him.

:: In my angst, I actually reached out to someone online.  A blogger I read.  It sounds pretty crazy.  I have great friends, people who have listened to me go on and on about my desires to homeschool.  I’ve never written or even commented on this person’s blog.  She not only responded very fast, she was thoughtful and helpful, and didn’t seem to think I was crazy.  Obviously, she wasn’t going to provide an answer to this issue, it’s not her job to do so, but her grace was pretty amazing.

:: Wednesday, I had an appointment with my gynocologist.  I’ve know this doctor for some time, we generally talk sports, but yesterday we talked birth control.  She basically wanted to know why I wouldn’t use it.  It seems she doesn’t have many Catholic patients who have a problem with birth control.   It was an interesting talk, and I was happy that we were comfortable enough to talk about what can sometimes be a touchy subject.

:: In the sweetest news ever, the ladies at the gym are praying that I have another baby.  Can you imagine?  I love them so much.

:: As someone who loves to make lists, this book immediately caught my attention.  Right now, I have several lists going…school supply list, chores to do before school or vacation.  I didn’t really have time to read through it, so it may be really dumb.  (I didn’t even consider buying it because I have so many empty books to fill up with lists and lists before I can consider buying something new.)

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  1. From Shea:

    I will say this is the saddest I’ve been about the summer ending. Ever. The first summer I was home, Kate was still so. . . . much, that I was ready for her to go back to school! Last summer I enjoyed it, but really had no opinion of it ending other than, “Man time flies.” This summer . . . .I’m SUPER bummed! I feel like I took your advice to live intentionally, to make lists of ideas instead of schedules, and we did so much and had so much fun, and yet DIDN’T get to do so much!

    I’m so sad about Will moving onto middle school. I feel like it’s just a race against time. Before I know it he’s going to be moving onto college. So I cuddle with Kate all the time, knowing she won’t let me much longer. 🙁

    OK, that list book: My kids each have the ones for kids. Kate does it, Will ignores it. But I totally cheated with the adult one. Really, the book is just one prompt/page. So you only need the prompts. I took a photo of the table of contents and now every now and then I’ll pick a list to do in my planner.

    • From Nicole:

      You have to text me that photo.

      I am trying so hard not to freak about school starting. BH and Kate are so alike, so besides my usual “I’m the best teacher”, I really feel I have good reason to keep him home. I watched the boys playing today and got so sad. I don’t want to have any activities this week, but know I can’t do nothing just bc school is starting. I’m trying to be sane, will let you know next week how that works out for Lance.

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