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By | Posted July 30, 2012

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For Today…Monday, July 30, 2012

Outside my window…the sun is shining.  It’s brutal.  So brutal.  The kids run in and out, I just can’t bring myself to join them.

I am wearing…black shorts and a pink Nike shirt.  Need to change out of my workout clothes.

Moments of grace…friends who listen, my kids running all over the place, time to read, the chance to spend time on the phone.

I am praying for…a special intention, that our vacation goes really well, for patience and forgiveness, and for school to go really well for Baby Hulk.

I am listening to…the Olympics.  Finally, finally my kids are interested.  I purchased this book to jump start a unit, but we never sat down to read the book until Saturday.  It’s a great book, with lots of interesting information.

From the kitchen…the menu isn’t planned, but I do know one thing.  We aren’t buying anything new.  We’ll eat whatever is here.  There may or may not  be something sweet from the kitchen.

Learning all the time…we are reading nonstop in this house.  That’s about it.  Guess it’s a good thing the beginning of school is review.  I am slightly worried about BH’s handwriting.  It was so good back in May, but he’s such a perfectionist when it comes to writing that he needs some practice.  Maybe it’s time to implement 30 minutes of drills a day.  With the Olympics on daily, we will be doing quite a bit of geography.  Even Snax is involved with this puzzle.

I am reading…Divergent.  Just started.  In fact, as soon as I finish this post, I am ready to read.  I love our reading hour because that’s my reading time as well.  One of the best lessons for kids is to see their parents reading.  Right?!

To live the liturgy…Saturday we’re celebrating the feast of St. John Vianney.  We’ll going to mass and then our church is having a party.  Since St. John Vianney was such an amazing confessor, we’ll go to confession as well.

Random fact…I’m a bit OCD.  I hate mess.  My house gets dusty (no matter how often I dust), but not messy.  I have a few kids who seem to make a lot of crumbs.  Is now the time to admit that I make them go outside to eat things like pumpkin bread, granola bars?  I know, I am kind of shitty.

I am creating…lists.  Packing lists, school lists and a very small shopping list for BH.

One of my favorite things…friends.  I don’t find new friends often.  I’m happy about this one.

Oh how I love…my crappy, cracked phone.  I finally am back to using it and had a glorious conversation with my best friend today.  Going to Best Buy tomorrow to buy a new phone though.  Fingers crossed that it works.

A few plans for the week…planning.  A possible play date with the twins and the Titanic exhibit.

A picture to share…


Comments on Daybook~ Summer Days

  1. From JILL:

    I love Divergent!!! But I got so mad when I realized the third book in the trilogy wont be out until next year. 🙁

    • From Nicole:

      I love it. So good. Squirt and I read Harry Potter in real time. It took forever between the books, and it pissed me off when my friends’s kids read them over one summer. (I realize my feelings were slightly irrational!)

  2. From Jessica:

    The other morning I said hi to bh on my way to work and when y’all came to the y later he told me you made him eat outside because you didn’t want to clean haha

    • From Nicole:

      He isn’t supposed to tell anyone!

  3. From Denise:

    Nicole-Sunshine looks so big & grown up in this picture! Keep that precious girl a baby as long as possible! Still can’t wait to see you all, once all settles down after this week at my house 😉 We need to make a plan!

    • From Nicole:

      The bows make her look older, right?! Makes me sad. She even got moved to another room at the Y child care. They said they had her 19 months, and it was time to let go. Sigh!

      Have a great weekend. Can’t wait to see more pictures.

  4. From Nikki Andrews:

    I MADE THE BLOG!! lol!!
    YAY for new friends with the same name!!!
    It’s so great how we clicked like we’ve known each other since high school. I’ve enjoyed every single minute of our new friendship too.

    Mari was super cute and sweet that night. She’s getting cuter and cuter as the days go on. And where is the picture of Snax lifting your skirt???

    And I am ready to borrow Gone Girl. The other book I have will have to wait.

    And when are we going to break in that blender?

    • From Nicole:

      The fact that you wanted to be FBI seals the deal! You know I still want to be a PI, right? Plus, the same name spelling…perfect! I am ready with the blender. Maybe after mass we should continue the celebration.

      Sunshine is so damn cute. And funny. And already a boss.

      That picture…my ass was too big!

      Will bring the book to church. I just ordered her other two books from the library.

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