Easter In Pictures

By | Posted July 24, 2012

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Yes, Easter.  And then Mother’s Day pictures are coming soon…never got around to posting these pictures for whatever reason.  Lance says it’s too late.  I say it’s my blog. I want them here, so here they are.


Comments on Easter In Pictures

  1. From JILL:

    You are so right…it is your blog, post whatever pics you want! Ha!

    Those are super cute! Especially your precious little girl in her pajamas! PRECIOUS.

    • From Nicole:

      Isn’t she so cute?! She just cracks me up.

  2. From Jenn:

    Isn’t there absence of time in the blog world anyway?? Yea, you post away! Looks like a great morning. I love M’s face looking into her Easter basket! Such wonder and joy.

    • From Nicole:

      Wasn’t that so cute? I had forgotten about those particular pictures of her. And yes, there has to be an absence of time. 🙂

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