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By | Posted July 20, 2012

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I made cookies yesterday.  Bomb ass cookies.  I make cookies for one reason.  Cookie dough.  I was in a hurry, so I didn’t let anyone help.  Snax sat by the stove staring at the entire process.  When I started eating the dough, he asked if I liked it.  I told him that I liked the dough even more than the cookies.  Not to be outdone, he let me know that he liked the “dough better than anything in the whole world, even you.”

I took the boys to the roller rink yesterday.  Goose and Baby Hulk were shaky at first, but after fifteen minutes they each ditched the triangle.  Meanwhile, our friends, the same age, were making five laps for every lap they took.  Baby steps, I guess.

Two of our play dates were cancelled due to sick kids.  But we still managed to get to Mam’s.  Not bad at all.  We also took in a puppet show.  The kids seemed to enjoy it except for the life sized puppet.  Snax wasn’t a fan, neither was I.  Too ugly.

That new phone…a total POS.  From the first day, there have been issues with people hearing me speak, as in they can’t hear me at all.   Lance thought he fixed it.  I haven’t been able to talk to anyone on that phone in almost two days.  Here’s the problem, I like talking on the phone.  And honestly, I like talking when I drive.  It’s one of the few times, I’m not focused on my kids.

I’ve been in a bad mood so maybe not being able to talk on the phone is saving me from pissing people off…

Comments on Five For Friday

  1. From Dad:

    What are “bomb ass” cookies???

  2. From Denise:

    I’m still waiting for the ingredients for those “Bombass Cookies” Happy Birthday BTW & hope we can celebrate our birthday’s soon! It’s been way too long, we need to catch up. Plus I can’t wait to see Sunshine. Does she still have that nickname?

    • From Nicole:

      Sunshine or Dark Cloud…

      I swear, I had the recipe on the counter to take a picture and mail it. I stink! This weekend. Don’t let me forget.

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