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By | Posted July 18, 2012

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Well, I just got the punch to my stomach.  The whole I love my birthday…well, that’s done.  Baby Hulk is off the wait list at Rogers.  I completed the paperwork this afternoon with a very heavy heart.  I’m not happy.  My mind had accepted that he was home, and the year was set.  Now it’s not, and I immediately had the same feelings I had when Goose left home.  (Anyone not remember?  I have only two regrets in life…not doing study abroad and not homeschooling.)

The discussion was short.  It didn’t go my way, despite the “new” reasons I have to keep Baby Hulk home.  I felt them compelling.  Not compelling enough.

So now, I’m feeling more than a bit frantic.  Instead of using it for evil, I’ll be positive and push myself towards finishing the summer intentionally.  I had been planning to look over ideas, but it’s been busy since we came home.  Now I’m forced to do it because I want every second to count.  Not to be full of activities, but to count.  With that thought, I would like to…

  • spend an afternoon doing puzzles
  • play soccer outside
  • make stepping stones for my birthday
  • make blueberry cake with BH
  • make peach cobbler
  • plan the drive to Colorado so that we take advantage of what we can see on the way
  • plan vacation
  • read books with each child.  Every day.
  • go to the beach, yes Galveston
  • see The Lion King with Goose and Baby Hulk
  • go to the YAC
  • swim
  • go bowling
  • see friends we haven’t seen in forever
  • go back to Austin for a quick trip
  • get snowballs
  • finish reading 4 books before summer ends
  • go back to daily mass, there is a noon mass
  • adoration would be nice too
  • celebrate a couple of feast days
  • finish one house project
  • organize all of the kids clothes, simplify everything
  • do a few arts and crafts projects
  • buy new shoes for each child
  • have a girls night for fun and for crafting

I’m sure there are other things I could think of, but for now this is it.  I just want to enjoy my time with my kids.  Soon enough someone else will spend more time with them than me, then I will get the joy of doing useless homework, anxiously waiting for the weekend.  Sigh.

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