The Facebook Dilemma

By | Posted June 19, 2012

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In the world of Facebook or Twitter, I’m a Twitter kind of person.  Someone retweeted something like “Facebook makes you hate the people you know while Twitter makes you love people you don’t.”  I couldn’t agree more.

Regardless, I do have a Facebook account.  I don’t post anything ever, but every once in a while Chelsea posts a link for me to check out or a good friend wants me to stalk someone.  Which of course, I do.  Eagerly.

I mentioned a month or so ago about getting all these updates from the class reunion page.  To show you just how jaded I am, I have never been to a class reunion.  No do I ever plan on attending one.  I’ve known this about me since before I graduated high school.  And I had a great time in high school.  My best friend is from high school.  But I’m just not that type of person.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I opened my email, the one where the funny friend sends me emails and apparently I get Facebook notices sent to, and found an email saying a certain someone had accepted my friend request.  Hmmmm….

I knew the person.  And not to be rude, but it wasn’t someone I would have ever requested to be my friend on Facebook.  Sure, I cyber stalk with the best of them, but not about people I haven’t thought about since I graduated from high school.  So unless one night I got drunk and made some friend requests to people I don’t care about, I am at a loss.

I mentioned this incident to a couple of people IRL and tweeted about it.  Turns out this has happened to a lot of people.  It makes me feel a bit better.  Because honestly, nothing could be worse to me than someone thinking I made a request when in fact I didn’t.

Okay, maybe there are a lot of worse things, but last night, nothing seemed worse!

Basically, this little mix up affirms my feelings on Facebook.  I threatened to delete my account, and a friend reminded me there is still plenty of stalking to do and I wouldn’t see any of her pictures if I didn’t have an account.

One thing, I do know, it makes me love Twitter even more.

Comments on The Facebook Dilemma

  1. From Danny:

    A lot of contenders for worst decision I ever made, but best is not ever even coming close to joining Facebook

    • From Nicole:

      Smart move. I regret the day I ever did. Now I am just a rude FB-er, since I don’t even respond to people and apparently do the equivalent of drunk dialing by drunk requesting.

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    I have FB’d people when I was drunk before and the next day I am so upset at myself! I need to tell TA to just take my phone from me when I am in this state.

    I would also love to give up FB but I am way too nosey. This is how I spy on my brother and other people. I am almost ready to do it since I got a friend request from an old BF that TA hates!! I denied it and blocked him but still….creepy! The question is, how do I delete my account but still keep the friends I want to spy on? HAHA!! I have gone to hiding just about everything I ever posted on FB from everyone, esp my family members that are nosey and just reporting back to the relatives I don’t talk to. Also, I am from a small town. If someone sends me a request and I deny it because I don’t know them or don’t remember them, sometime my MOM will hear about it. Really? You went crying to my mother about FB? She’s always so confused. She knows nothing about FB.

    I agree with the first statement in your post. I love my twitter peeps. I really can’t stand most of my FB people.

    • From Nicole:

      Aren’t you the one who tweeted that comment? I can’t believe that people tattle to your mom. I would never accept that person’s request. Ever.

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        I think I am. 🙂

  3. From JILL:

    Im a rude FBer, too. I never respond to anything on there. The only reason it looks like I have a lot of activity is because all of my tweets get sent to FB! So there is the illusion of posts. I hate it!! But that quote in your first paragraph is RIGHT ON.

    • From Nicole:

      I didn’t even know you could do both at the same time. I am so bad, I don’t even answer family q’s.

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