Five For Friday ~ First Communion Pictures

By | Posted June 15, 2012

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I actually don’t have a lot of pictures to share from Sunday, although I am sure next week I will find more I have to post.  Until then, here are five that make my heart swell:

Comments on Five For Friday ~ First Communion Pictures

  1. From Jenn:

    He’s so happy this day! I love it.

    And you are a Momma after his own heart with that cake. Proud of A and inspired by you!

    • From Nicole:

      He had no problem digging in, did he?! Baby Hulk is the best part of that family picture!

  2. From Nikki Andrews:

    Snax stealing the show in the middle of the picture!! That has to be the picture you took right before J ran in there and tried to get in.

    You took about 1000 pictures…I’m glad you found 5 that made the cut. What a great day for Goose and for your whole family. We were very honored to share that day with him and with all of you! Your mom and dad are so sweet. I am glad I got to spend time with them.

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks, Nikki! That day was so great, just like you said it would be. We were happy to share with you guys too. The day turned out near perfect. I loved hearing my parents ask about everyone afterwards, very happy to share my friends with them.

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        And you were stunning that day and looked like the proudest mom in the world!

        Baby Hulk is so cute in that family picture! But Snax showing his belly….LOL! He’s sexy and he knows it!

        I also have the PERFECT anniversary gift for you . TA and I bought it this weekend. Let me know when you are home…I will deliver it to you!

  3. From Shea:

    There’s so much I love about that family photo! So I’ll just focus in on the most superficial–I LOVE your dress. It looks great on you.

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