A reason to smile

By | Posted June 14, 2012

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:: the kids playing with their cousin Andrea
:: a little boy who puts on his backpack so he can play school
:: watching my kids pretend to play house
:: a little girl who knows exactly what I’m saying and communicates with me
:: a child who was so excited to receive his First Communion
:: the boys excited about seeing a cricket.
:: reading to my boys
:: Chalice shaped cookies, cookie cutter worth every cent as were the overpriced cookies
:: a clean house after having a get together, house in perfect shape within 1 hour
:: a small token from my husband for teaching my boys about the faith
:: vacation plans with my Baby and Paul and Brian, Key West…soon, soon, soon
:: And a vacation with my family, Colorado, here we come!
:: swimming
:: text messages that make me laugh
:: a call from my brother
:: a faithful friend who truly inspires me
:: a little boy who has the sweetest voice
:: a reminder of how important it is to be gentle, now to work on it!

I have a lot to smile about every day.  It’s important to remind myself.

Comments on A reason to smile

  1. From Jenn:

    I need to steal this idea for a post. I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal but I need to put it where I see it often!

    So the vacation is set? Can’t wait to hear about it.

    Was so fun seeing y’all the other day. Love seeing the different personalities of the kiddos and watching them with W.

    • From Nicole:

      It was great, the boys are all so funny with kids. I am always happy to see how much they like other kids, especially little ones. We need to set another date. I thought the canvas flag could be cute with fingerprints for stars.

      I keep saying I am going to do this weekly, maybe every two weeks. I love journals, but at night it’s just easier to type.

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