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We hit another milestone over here: Jessica graduated from high school.  I have to admit this spring has really brought out the emotions in me.  And this graduation was no exception.  I’m glad it was just me and the baby at the ceremony.  Someone might have seen the tears in my eyes.

Jessica is another member of the family.  A big sister to all the kids.  Someone who can come and hang out whenever and for as long as she wants.  She just fits with us.

She has a great family, a dad and grandfather who dote on her and take care of her.  And she has us too: to keep her company when she might get lonely, no chance of that over here.  We watch out the window as she comes home, the boys screaming to let me know she is home.  We check up on the boyfriends.  And we’re here to talk when she needs someone to talk with.  You know, all the things you do with people you love.

We are so proud of our sweet girl!  Like I said, I expect great things from you.  We are here to help along the way.  We love you and are excited about your next chapter in life!

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