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By | Posted May 30, 2012

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Monday the boys and I spent the day with one of my favorite families.  I met Betsy through our five year-olds at the gym two years ago.  They became fast buddies while we worked out.  Once I found out that she also had an interest in homeschooling, our friendship was solidified.  I had someone who not only listened to me, but who had the same goals in education for her children as I did.  I think this has been a blessing for Lance.

Back to the thicket…

I’ve been wanting to take the boys there since driving home from Alabama.  I assumed it was relatively close, but in reality it’s 2 hours away. The visitors center was informative and though super freaking hot, the hiking was nice.  We were determined to get the boys junior ranger badges so the end was a bit rushed.

No David was pushed along while being told, “you promised you wouldn’t fuss” by the Baby Hulk.  It’s true, he did promise.  And he really didn’t fuss much at all.  In fact, I wish I looked at nature as he did: strolling along and stopping to check any little thing that catches his eye.  It’s pretty adorable.  Instead of rushing to check things off the list like one of my sons, he stopped and inhaled the outdoors.  So even though he was quoted on Saturday evening as saying “hiking is just walking”, I know he gets it.

We completed our mission…

Overall, it was a great day.  Unless you count the random spiritual trip, Holy Spirit, heat exhaustion…also known as an acid trip, I experienced.

Comments on Big Thicket Nature Preserve

  1. From JILL:

    That’s super close to my hometown! I miss trees. 🙂

    • From Nicole:

      I know what you mean, I grew up in Kingwood, (not the same, I realize), but I couldn’t move further south of where I am now b/c there aren’t any trees. And I hate all the new subdivisions that cut all the trees down. This house only has a pecan tree and two crummy magnolias.

      • From JILL:

        Oh, my mom would hate that. She hates magnolia trees because of the leaves.

        Funny thing is, I have NEVER been to that Big Thicket Visitor center or done any of the walks. Kind of sad!

        I dont see how people move out to West Texas, either. I would lose my mind with ZERO trees.

        • From Nicole:

          I agree with your mom. I can’t stand them.

          You need to take a hike there. In the fall/winter. Way too hot now. 🙂

  2. From Mona:

    I receive Big Thicket news alerts, and while most are informative, or dry statistics, or reporting about science or legislature, I was quite taken with and entertained by your blog entry about your recent visit to the visitor’s center. I hope you don’t mind that I posted it on the Thicket of Diversity Facebook site to share with my TOD fans who love people interacting with the preserve.

    Mona A. Halvorsen
    Director of Thicket of Diversity

    • From Nicole:

      Thank you. We really enjoyed our time at Big Thicket and are anxious to return. Esp once the weather cools back off…next November! So nice to have such beauty close to home.

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