Ode To Snoopy

By | Posted May 15, 2012

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Goose has been participating in WITS, Writers in the School, all year.  They ended the year with a party in which the teacher passed out a book with their own work inside.  It was pretty inspired to hear each child read a work they created to the class.

Each student selected four pieces for the book.  Goose choose the one below to share with the class.  It brought tears to my eyes, okay, not really but only because I don’t cry.  But it did make me filled to the brim with happiness.  Hmmm…I don’t really talk that way, suffice to say, I was freaking really happy and texted several people about An Ode To Snoopy.

Here’s why: he’s 7 about to be 8 in two months.  And he’s a boy, becoming more and more boy as each day passes.  Yet he still loves Snoopy.  These days will pass.  All too soon.  Even if he continues to sleep with Snoopy, there will be days where he is left home when he goes to school.  Days where he won’t ask for him.  One day he will be embarrassed to admit he ever loved Snoopy so much he took him into the shower, slept with him every single night and cried himself to sleep when the babysitter couldn’t find him.

One day.

But not today.  Right now, Snoopy has a place at the table with us, rides in the car with us and snuggles a little boy every night.  The top three poeple on Goose’s list: Snoopy, Baby Z and …

Ode to My Snoopy

Snoopy is my favorite animal.  I love my Snoopy.
I take him to school in the car.
I sleep with him every night.
Sometimes, when I am at Playscape, I bring him in.
On vacations, I always bring him.
I never want him to leave me.
I love my Snoopy a lot.

Comments on Ode To Snoopy

  1. From Jenn:

    Awe!!!!! That’s incredibly sweet and yes, these days will pass, but man that’s some innocence to bottle right there!

    • From Nicole:

      Moments like this make me want to stop time. I know I will love who they become, but the poem, him asking me today “do you want to snuggle me on the couch?”, makes my heart ache.

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