Vicksburg Junior Rangers

By | Posted May 6, 2012

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On the way to Tuscaloosa we stopped at Vicksburg to tour the National Military Park.  We got to town too late to do anything but check into the nastiest hotel I have ever stayed in my entire life.  Hair in the tub, used soap, mold, holes in the wall…it wasn’t something I could laugh about until Vicksburg was in the rear view mirror.  I didn’t even sit on the toilet, I wore my shoes the entire time, I wouldn’t get under the covers (not that that made a difference I am sure those things had never been washed) and I definitely didn’t get in the shower.  The breakfast consisted of sticky buns, you know the kind you find at a gas station.  We left the hotel by 7:30 am, for once I was thankful the boys woke me up early.

The park was utterly breathtaking.  It was hard reading about all the lives lost during the Civil War and to explain it to the kids.  Goose knows very little about the Civil War, and the Baby Hulk knew nothing.  We decided to complete a packet so we could earn a junior ranger badge.  It made the trip more interesting for everyone, even No David got involved trying to find certain monuments.


So Many Unidentified Graves

The Texas Monument

Junior Rangers

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  1. From Jenn:

    Congrats to those little rangers! Sounds like a great trip, minus the hotel of course. I can’t believe places like that exist! I hate hotels anyway but that is just over the top. I might have lost my grits and slept in the car instead. I guess I can do that at this point. There are only three of us. You’ve got a bit more on your hands and sleeping in the car would be…well, much more of a nightmare I suppose!

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