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By | Posted April 26, 2012

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I have five kids.  And only one of them isn’t a picky eater.

It’s Squirt.  He didn’t grow into it, he has just never been picky.  I’m so used to him eating whatever I put in front of him, I have to remind myself it’s okay when he doesn’t like something.

Everyone thinks Snax eats.  He does eat, a lot.  He goes to bed talking about what he wants for breakfast, and as soon as he’s done eating one meal, he tells me he is hungry.  He’s kind of obsessed with food.  If you don’t answer “what’s for dinner”, he starts freaking out.

And if you happen to answer “chicken”, then he really gets mad.  And starts crying.

My kids aren’t the worst eaters.  Not by a long shot, but I would like them to eat more vegetables.  So far they eat: raw carrots, fresh green beans, both cooked and uncooked, all but Goose eat salad, and they all like broccoli.

I told Lance earlier this year that I was going to add two new vegetables to the mix this year.

Goose literally puked the Brussels sprouts we put on his plate.  They balk at corn and potatoes.  Who doesn’t eat corn or potatoes?  They aren’t even real vegetables to me.

Last night we put corn and asparagus on their plates.  And chicken.

And each boy ate their vegetables and chicken.  Of course, Squirt ate everything and then a salad.  And more chicken.  And a banana.  And a peanut butter scoop.

Both Baby Hulk and No David ate their asparagus first, then their corn.  NOT ONE NEGATIVE WORD.  Not one.

Goose ate his chicken then stared at his asparagus.  He had the crying look set, but I forced myself to keep quiet and look away.  And he did it.  He even said asparagus was a keeper, but that corn needed to stay off the menu.

And then No David ate his chicken.  LIKE A BOSS.

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  1. From Fidoz:

    I’m so happy to find out about other potato haters out there. They are disgusting.

    I will eat corn but only fresh or frozen not canned. Green beans only canned not fresh or frozen. Any other bean is a no go unless it’s refried to the point of no longer tasting like beans. No mayo, tomatoes, cucumbers or squash. I’ll only eat carrots, broccoli and cauliflower raw. White meat chicken only and beef has to be well done. I could go on all day but you get the picture. Oh yeah, I also hate milk. I won’t even drink milkshakes because I can taste the milk through them.

    • From Nicole:

      On my third date with Lance we were going to his birthday party, and I was sure I was going to drink (and make a great impression), and to make sure I didn’t get drunk (right away), I ate two cans of green beans, cold. I think he was grossed out by me. Today, I love fresh green beans, but can still have a can of cold ones. With you on corn, mayo and tomatoes. Hate milk too, but milkshakes…have you had chick fil a’s banana pudding milkshake?

      btw, potatoes are one of my deserted island foods.

  2. From Jenn:

    Ha! I had no idea your kids were picky! Well, maybe a little bit. I remember you telling me about the chicken issues. But potatoes and corn? Really? Those are like the two BEST vegetables! 🙂

    • From Nicole:

      Right!! They aren’t even “real” vegetables!

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