Wordless Wednesday…The Feel Sorry For Me Edition

By | Posted January 25, 2012

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Wordless, I don’t think so.

Sunday night, Squirt told me water was leaking from the hall toilet.  Just water nothing gross.  (Finding the positive.)

A plumber came and said our sewer line was damaged and would need to be repaired.  When the guys started fixing it the following afternoon, they realized it was the city line that wasn’t working.

As they left, they told me not to use the toilet or shower because the waste would probably come back into the house.  The plumber then left as fast as he could.  Probably due to the psycho look on my face.

I have 5 kids, I can’t be without toilets.

I called the City.  Apparently waste in the yard isn’t an emergency.

Their crew doesn’t work past 8.  It might have made sense to work past 8 considering the fact that they knew rain was coming today.

Because of course, they couldn’t do a thing due to the heavy rain today.  They can come back tomorrow.  But only if I call again and get another order going.  Except don’t call too soon because if I do, the ticket would be associated with the first complaint.  The same complaint from yesterday.  The same exact complaint I have today.  The same problem that they know wasn’t fixed.  The complaint that I have sewer water in my yard and no effing toilets to use.  And I have 5 freaking kids.

And my husband is out of town.

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