Wordless Wednesday

By | Posted January 18, 2012

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  1. From Denise:

    I have lot’s of words for these GREAT pictures! Thanks so much for posting them so quickly & sorry if I was a pest about posting them. Great to see you and Lance last night at another great Old 97’s show.

    • From Nicole:

      One word: breathless. Well, two: obsessed.

      Great to see you guys too. Although that doesn’t count, have to get together for real! And you weren’t a pest!

  2. From Jenn:

    Ok, ok, am I out of touch with pop culture? Has it happened? Well, I already know that answer. All I have to do is watch a musical award show and it’s confirmed.

    Anyway, so who is this? When did y’all go? Had a blast?

    • From Nicole:

      It’s my obsession: Old 97’s. I love their lead singer after he gave me tickets to a show last year and gave me a shout out at the show. Sigh!

      Concert was so fun, on a Tuesday even!

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