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Goose’s team lost tonight, the Saints, (actually his second favorite team) and he started crying.  Again.  And we’re smiling.  Again.

I was talking with a friend whose son loves football as well and started crying several weeks ago when the Texans we’re playing to make it into the playoffs.  I have to admit that both of us enjoyed comparing stories of that nature.

As a sports fan, I love that kind of enthusiasm.  As a mom it breaks my heart to watch my son cry, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I don’t get it when people scoff at someone’s love of football.  In fact, I kind of feel sorry for them.  (Kind of like how I feel sorry for people who have never had Whataburger.)

As I watched my son tonight, I realized it’s not the fact that he loves football so much that I like, it’s that he is that passionate about something.  I want kids who are passionate.  Of course, the fact that he is passionate about football is a bonus for me and  Lance since we both enjoy it as well.  It also provides a great threat in getting work done.  “If you don’t finish your homework, you can’t watch football this weekend.”  I used that one quite a bit this past Fall.  Let’s just pray he isn’t crying tomorrow afternoon.

Comments on Tears

  1. From Denise:

    I am really hoping Goose & all the rest of us are not crying after this Texans game today. First half has me scared & blood pressure elevated!

  2. From Nicole:

    If only the Texans had come through for us. Poor Lance was so upset.

  3. From Nikki Andrews:

    There were 2 grown men almost crying in my house at the end of that game. It was an emotional rollercoaster for them that night.

    And your poor guy had to get his picture blasted all over twitter!

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