Thanksgiving Memories

By | Posted November 24, 2011

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I could go on about how grateful I am for my faith, my family and food.  But let’s be real…it’s after 11.  There is one thing I’m happy about right now.

We Won!

I won’t rub it in, that’s being taken care of on Twitter as I type.  The joys of social media.  I need to start following more people.

I say this weekly, but watching Goose is unreal.

Except he fell asleep, and we were winning.  By the last minute, I had moved to the bedroom and had to pick him up to watch the final seconds with me.  (I realize how creepy that sounds.)  Then I nudged him.  Then I started talking loudly.  Finally, I hit him to wake him up.  Not hard or anything, I just knew he wouldn’t want to miss that.

This weekend is why I love college football.   I danced so much afterwards, I might have lost all the weight I gained earlier today.

Hook Em!

Have fun in the SEC, Aggies!

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  1. From Jenn:

    There was a ton of hollering and dancing over a certain Tiger victory as well! Hope y’all had a wonderful holiday and would love to see you soon!

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